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Cedric Lommaert

2012 Master in Finance Graduate
Citi Markets & Quantitative Analysis
Rotation Program
University of Brussels, Solvay Business School,
Bachelor in Business Engineering

University of Brussels and Technische
Universitaet Berlin, Bachelor in Mathematics

“The Master in Finance in Princeton has given me access to experiences that I could not have lived all together in just two years anywhere else: not only a job that I love of course, but also top conferences in Princeton and abroad, a great, international group of smart, driven and friendly fellow students, the benefit of a strong mentoring network, the chance to help current students now that I have graduated, the chance to work as a teaching assistant for two of my favorite classes in the program, and many more opportunities that I simply didn't have the time to grasp in only two years in Princeton. The program also gives you great freedom to choose most of your classes, also outside of the center for finance, and so I got access to the most advanced courses in economics and financial engineering that you will find anywhere, taught by the best in their fields, and that feeling of touching the state of the art in these fields will probably remain as my strongest Princeton memory.”