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Speaker Series and Career Activities

Each fall, the Master in Finance program kicks off interviewing season with a boot camp featuring alumni and corporate partners discussing their career paths, best practices for career development, and conducting mock interviews and networking sessions.

In addition to Boot camp, Princeton’s Career Services office also hosts information sessions from companies almost nightly in the fall, in addition to our programs at the Center, which have featured these industry guest speakers in on an almost weekly basis the past few years.

In addition to our speaker series, students made numerous trips to financial firms for job shadowing and open houses. Firms hosting Princeton Master in Finance students for job shadowing and visits have included Citi Markets and Quantitative Analysis,  Morgan Stanley (Strats and Sales & Trading), Barclays (Market Risk), and Deutsche Bank (NYSE visit for closing bell tour). In addition to group visits, each new Master in Finance student has been assigned an alumni mentor, and most if not all have met or spoken with them about career options and advice during individual meetings in NY, Hong Kong, London and Chicago.

In addition to boot camp speakers from industry and academia, speakers for Spring 2015 include:

  • Todd Simkin, Susquehanna International Group, "Decision Biases and Trading”   
  • Carl Chastenay *99, World Bank
  • Andrew Killion, Akuna Capital, Market Microstructure Workshop
  • Julie E. Silcock ’78, Houlihan Lokey, “The Changing Landscape and Role of Investment Banking”
  • Sallie Krawcheck, Chair, Ellevate – Invest in Women

Speakers for Fall 2014 included:

  • Antoine Chiche, formerly of KKR
  • Valerie Valtz (DE Shaw), John Huss (AQR), Stef Damianakis (Edgestream), and Mark TenPas (Citadel)
  • Graham Giller and Nicole Barberis, Bloomberg
  • JC de Swaan, Cornwall Capital
  • Grif Sexton, Morgan Stanley
  • Andrew Killion, Akuna Capital
  • John Cunniff, TIAA-CREF
  • Wilson Ervin, Credit-Suisse
  • Mary Deatherage, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • David Zhang, Credit Suisse
  • Anne Lester, JP Morgan Chase Asset Management
  • Rick Grove, Rutter Associates
  • William Heyman, The Travelers Companies, Inc.
  • Job Shadowing Visits to Barclays, Bloomberg, BNPP, Credit Suisse, Citi, JPMorgan Morgan Stanley and NY Federal Reserve
  • Norm Champ, SEC
  • Bill Brady, Credit Suisse
  • Ralph Izzo, PSEG 

Speakers for Spring 2014 included:

  • Mary Schapiro, Former Chair, SEC
  • Ben Bernanke, former chairman, Board of the Federal Reserve
  • Andrew Schofield, Deutsche Bank Analytics
  • Qian Liu and Avery Moon, Wealthfront
  • Rick Grove '79, Rutter Associates
  • Glen Swindle '85, Scoville Risk Partners

Speakers at the BCF for Fall 2013 include:

  • Norman Champ '85, SEC,  Director of Investment Management Division 
  • Antoine Chiche *06, KKR, Principal 
  • Barbara Byrne h76, Vice Chairman, Barclays
  • Anshu Jain, Co-CEO, Deutsche Bank
  • Ben Blander, Founder, Blander Technologies
  • Carl Chastenay *99, Senior Risk Officer, IFC/World Bank
  • Lew Alexander, Nomura US Chief Economist
  • John Cunniff *88, TIAA-CREF
  • Jeremy Diamond '86, former MD, Annaly Capital

Speakers at the BCF for Fall 2012 have included:

  • Robert Khoury ’90, World Wide Financial Industry Recruiting – Sept. 12
  • Antoine Chiche *06, KKR - Sept. 28
  • Lewis Alexander, Senior US Economist, Nomura Securities 
  • Carl Riccadonna ‘01, Senior US Economist, Deutsche Bank
  • Kristerfor Mastronardi '99, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Mani Mahjouri - Chief Strategist / Chief Investment Officer, Tradeworx
  • Ignacio Navarro, Deutsche Bank Analytics
  • Harold Kim PhD '93, Citi HK
  • Bill Janeway '65, Warburg Pincus and Cambridge

Speakers in the Spring of 2013 included:

  • Ellen Zentner, Senior Economist, Nomura Research - February 7.
  • Michael E. Novogratz '87, Principal and a Member of the Board of Directors, Fortress Investment Group LLC and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Fortress Macro Fund and the Drawbridge Global Macro Fund - February 20.
  • John C. (Jack) Bogle '51, Founder of The Vanguard Group, Inc., President of the Bogle Financial Markets Research Center, and a member of the Bendheim Center for Finance Advisory Council -February 21.
  • Arminio Fraga *85, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Gavea Investmentos - Madison Medal Lecture, February 23.
  • Brian Foran '01, Autonomous Research
  • Theo Kim *06, Princo
  • Dr. Peter Orszag '91, Vice Chairman, Corporate and Investment Banking at Citigroup Inc., former Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the first Obama administration - April 3. 
  •  Heidi G. Miller '74, Amy Emanuel '90, Nicole Thie '06, Lillian Schulz *10, and Amy Chivetta '12 - April 5
  • Neil Chriss, Founder, Chief Investment Officer and CEO at Hutchin Hill Capital, LP - April 17
  • Dr. William H. Janeway '65, Senior Advisor, Warburg Pincus - April 18
  • Gerry Parsky '64, Chairman of Aurora Capital - April 18

    Speakers in 2011-2012 year included: 
  • Steven Mayer ’81, Cerberus Capital Management -  Sept 23, 30, Oct. 14
  • Kenneth Hersh, CEO and Co-Founder, NGP Energy Capital Management, – Sept 26
  • Credit Suisse Sales and Trading and Investment Banking – Oct 5, 12
  • Mark Higgins (MD) and  Anil Bangia (ED) of JPMorgan Quantitative Research - Oct. 11
  • Robert Khoury ’90, World Wide Financial Industry Recruiting – Oct. 18
  • Carl Riccadonna ‘01, Senior US Economist, Deutsche Bank – Oct. 20
  • Harold Kim PhD ‘93, MD, Citi Hong Kong – Nov. 14
  • Alan DeRose ‘83, MD, Oppenheimer – Dec. 1
  • Eric Taylor, Citadel Recruiting - Dec. 6
  • Jeff Pagano and Michael Sternberg, Morgan Stanley Job Shadowing - Dec. 
  • Josh Dunn and Aaron Katz, Edgestream Partners - Dec. 13
  • Robert Eaton, MD, BlackRock - Dec 13
  • Princeton Quant Trading Conference (various speakers) – March 31
  • Lito Camacho, Credit Suisse Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific; CEO, Singapore – April 16
  • Jay Powell, Bipartisan Policy Institute – May 3
  • John Porter, Barclays Capital, MD,Global Strategic Bank Portfolio – May 9

2010 Speakers

  • Oct. 1, Kirby Daley, Senior Strategist, New Edge, Hong Kong
  • Oct. 7, Rob Khoury, World Wide Financial Industry Recruiting Services
  • Oct. 12, Jerry Lou, MD, Morgan Stanley Asia Research
  • Oct. 13 and 19th, Credit Suisse Investment Banking and Sales & Trading
  • Oct. 14, Tim Dowling, MD, Deutsche Bank Risk Management
  • Oct 14, Robert Shiller, Finance and the Good Society
  • Oct 15, Internship 101 Panel with Second Year students
  • Oct 20, Bob Greer, Portfolio Manager, PIMCO
  • Oct 21, Portfolio manager and investor William C. Powers
  • Oct. 23, MD Harold Kim, Citi Global Markets Asia Pacific
  • Nov. 8, JPMorgan Quantitative Research
  • Nov. 10, Edgestream Partners
  • Nov. 11, Justin Gmelich, head of Credit and Mortgages, Goldman Sachs
  • Nov. 12 and Feb 4, Antoine Chiche, Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies
  • Nov. 17, Marilyn Fedak, Vice Chairman, Alliance Bernstein
  • Nov. 17, Luis Seco, Univ. of Toronto RiskLab & Sigma Analysis & Management
  • Nov. 19, Job Shadowing at JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley
  • Dec. 3 , Charles Fishkin, Ding Liu and Vicki Walia, Alliance Bernstein
  • Dec. 7, Deutsche Bank Networking Reception
  • Dec. 15 and March 8, Andy Okun, CEO, Watermark

2009-10 speakers:

  • September 30, Hamid Biglari, Vice Chairman, Citi
  • October 21, David Weil, MD, Technology, Media and Telecom, Credit Suisse Inv. Banking
  • Nov. 7, Harold Kim, Managing Director, Citi Hong Kong
  • Nov. 16, David DeNunzio, Vice Chairman, Credit Suisse
  • Dec. 3, Barclays Capital Analyst Panel
  • Dec. 11, Heidi Goldberg Miller, CEO, JPMorgan Chase Treasury & Security Services
  • Feb. 25, David Dodge, Former Governor, Bank of Canada
  • March 4, Marc Potters, Co-CEO, CFM, Paris
  • March 23, Philippe Jabre, founder, Jabre Capital Partners S.A.
  • March 25, Elena Liapkova, portfolio manager, Artio Global Investors
  • April 5, Marilyn Fedak, CIO, Alliance Bernstein
  • May 6, Jack Bogle, founder, Vanguard

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Job shadowing as firms such as Morgan Stanley and Citi, and NY visits such as the Fed and NYSE, recently hosted by Deutsche Bank, are a big part of the Master in Finance career development activities.