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Master in Finance Elective Courses

In addition to core courses, which provide a broad survey of topics and techniques of modern finance, the program will offer students the opportunity to choose among a variety of elective courses. Some of these courses have prerequisites, or require permission of the respective instructors.

Please check this page for updates regarding new courses eligible as elective courses for the program or removals of previously-listed courses from the eligibility list. Not all courses may be offered every year. Please check with the relevant departments to confirm their offerings in any given year.

List 1: Finance Applications Courses

FIN 515: Portfolio Theory and Asset Management
FIN 516: Topics in Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Banking
FIN 517: Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment
FIN 518: International Financial Markets
FIN 519: Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions
FIN 521: Fixed Income: Models and Applications
FIN 522: Options, Futures and Financial Derivatives
FIN 523: Forecasting and Time Series Analysis
FIN 560: Master’s Project I
FIN 561: Master’s Project II
FIN 567: Institutional Finance: Trading and Markets
FIN 568: Behavioral Finance
FIN 570: Valuation and Security Analysis
FIN 574:  Special Topics in Investment Science: Trading and Risk Management
FIN 590: Financial Accounting
FIN 591: Cases in Financial Risk Management
FIN 592: The Rise of Asian Capital Markets
FIN 593: Financial Crises
ECO 414: Introduction to Economic dynamics
ECO 525/FIN 525: Asset Pricing
ECO 526/FIN 526: Corporate Finance
ECO 527/FIN 527: Financial Modelling
ORF 527: Stochastic Calculus and Finance
ORF 530: Statistical Analysis of Large Financial Datasets
ORF 531/FIN 531: Computational Finance in C++
ORF 534/FIN 534: Financial Engineering
ORF 535/FIN 535: Financial Risk Management
ORF 538: Analytical and Computational Methods of Financial Engineering
ORF 555: Fixed Income Models
ORF 574/FIN 574: Special Topics in Investment Science: Trading and Risk Management
WWS 505: Financial Management in the Corporate and Public Sectors
WWS 594n:  Financial Regulation, Crises and Macro Policy

List 2: General Methodology for Finance

APC 350: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
APC 503: Analytical Techniques in Differential Equations
APC 518/ORF 518: Applied Stochastic Analysis and Methods
CEE 513: Introduction to Finite-element Methods
CEE 532: Advanced Finite-element Methods
CEE 548: Risk Assessment and Management
CHE 508: Numerical Methods for Engineers
CHE 530: Systems Engineering [numerical methods]
COS 318: Operating Systems
COS 323: Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences
COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques
COS 423: Theory of Algorithms
COS 424: Interacting with Data
COS 425: Database Systems
COS 432: Information Security
COS 436: Human-Computer Interface Technology
COS 444/ECO 444: Electronic Auctions
COS 461: Computer Networks
ECO 418: Strategy and Information
ECO 501: Microeconomic Theory I
ECO 502: Microeconomic Theory II
ECO 503: Macroeconomic Theory I
ECO 504: Macroeconomic Theory II
ECO 511: Advanced Economic Theory I
ECO 512: Advanced Economic Theory II
ECO 513: Advanced Econometrics: Time Series Models
ECO 517: Econometric Theory I
ECO 518: Econometric Theory II
ECO 519: Advanced Econometrics: Nonlinear Models
ECO 521: Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I
ECO 522: Advanced Macroeconomic Theory II
ECO 523: Public Finance I
ECO 524: Public Finance II
ECO 531: Economics of Labor
ECO 541: Industrial Organization and Public Policy
ECO 551: International Trade I
ECO 552: International Trade II
ECO 553: International Monetary Theory and Policy I
ECO 554: International Monetary Theory and Policy II
ELE 591: High-tech Entrepreneurship
MAE 503: Basic Numerical Methods for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
MAT 391/MAE 305: Mathematics in Engineering I (ODE, PDE)
MAT 392/MAE 306: Mathematics in Engineering II (PDE, complex variables)
ORF 307: Optimization
ORF 311: Optimization under Uncertainty
ORF 401: Electronic Commerce
ORF 474: Special Topics in Operations Research and Financial Engineering
ORF 522: Linear Optimization
ORF 523: Nonlinear Optimization
ORF 524: Statistical Theory and Methods
ORF 526: Probability Theory
ORF 533: Convex Analysis for Mathematical Finance
ORF 542: Stochastic Control and Stochastic Differential Games
ORF 547: Dynamic Programming
ORF 548: Large Scale Optimization
ORF 549: Stochastic Programming
ORF 551: Probability Theory
ORF 553: Stochastic Differential Equations
ORF 554: Markov Processes
WWS 519B/PSY 528B:  Negotiation, Persuasion and Social Influence: Theory and Practice
WWS 523: Legal & Regulatory Policy Toward Markets
WWS 524:  Advanced Macroeconomics:  Domestic Policy Issues
WWS 544:  International Macroeconomics
WWS 582C: Topics in Applied Economics: Growth, International Finance & Crisis
WWS 582F:  Topics in Applied Economics:  Financial Markets and Public Policy

Electives give Master in Finance students the opportunity to test the waters in growing areas of career opportunities.