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Guide For Recruiters and Student Resumes

The MFin Program: What Is It?

MFin Students

Princeton University's MFin program enrolls approximately 25 students each year, out of more than 600 applicants. The small size of the program and great selectivity lead to high academic standards, an intense relationship for students with the faculty and with each other, both of which enhance our students' academic experience and lead to the exceptional job placement record achieved by our students.

In 2014, the program received more than 600 applications and admitted 30 students. In order to provide the highest level of career placement services in a difficult economy, we continue to keep our incoming 2014 class slightly smaller than in recent years.

Our students have achieved outstanding academic records and they possess excellent leadership and communication skills. They arrive from a multiplicity of nations worldwide. Some have a depth of professional experience; all have superior educational achievements and manifest a deep interest in finance.

See BCF in the News for recent articles that focus on our program.

Princeton’s MFin Program vs. MBA Programs

Unlike an MBA program which focuses on a general business education and will include courses on strategy, management and marketing in addition to finance, our program teaches only finance. This allows us to do so at a much deeper level contrasted with an MBA and enables us to incorporate all the interdisciplinary aspects of modern finance, such as financial mathematics, financial econometrics, computational finance, behavioral finance and corporate finance. Our courses are more quantitative than a typical MBA course and some may find them more demanding. The MBA is still the degree of choice for the corporate finance divisions and mergers and acquisitions areas of the modern investment bank, but the MFin degree is becoming the preferred degree in the trading and asset management areas of the I-bank. These would be areas such as quantitative asset management, risk management, derivatives pricing and trading, fixed income analytics and other areas where the pricing and analysis of complex securities require significant quantitative input. Also, the world of finance is broader than the traditional investment banking business, with opportunities in insurance, commercial banking, commodities and energy trading and risk management for traditional industrial companies, to mention just a few areas where our MFin program is becoming well known due to the quality of the students and the learning experience provided by Princeton's MFin program.

Princeton’s MFin vs. mathematical or computational finance Master programs

Unlike mathematical or computational finance Master programs, we teach all of finance. This means, for instance, that we teach accounting, corporate finance, behavioral finance, etc., in addition to stochastic calculus, derivatives pricing, financial engineering, etc. We believe that our broad multidisciplinary approach to finance is an important advantage of our program, and that our placement record reflects it.


Recruiting Logistics

Posting an Employment Opportunity

If you have an opportunity that you would like to publicize with our MFin students, please contact us. We will work with you to produce a top quality group of applicants. What works best is an email (see contact information) with an attachment specifying:

  • Position title and brief description of job attributes and desired skill set
  • Position start date (please note that, except in unusual circumstances, our program graduates students in early June; should you require a start date that is nonconforming with graduation, you should contact us to see what sort of arrangements can be made)
  • Preferred method of receiving applications

If you are interested in reaching out to a larger and broader group of undergraduate and graduate students, we'd also recommend that you post positions through Princeton's Career Services team.

Interviewing On Campus

Our office can help you schedule an on campus interview at our facilities which is an efficient way to meet several of our students. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can combine your recruiting of undergrads and graduate students and proceed through the Office of Career Services using the Tiger Tracks system. Either way, be sure to contact us regarding your dates and times so that we can publicize them with our MFin students.

Interviewing Off Campus

In view of Princeton's proximity to the major East Coast financial centers, it is very feasible for our students to travel to meet with you in your offices. Contact us so that we can get you a list of qualified applicants and help you coordinate dates and times with our students' class schedules. Students frequently have Fridays open with no lecture classes so this can be an excellent day to schedule them for a visit to your offices.


Recruiting Calendar 2014-2015

September–December 2014

In general, most company presentations and interviews for permanent positions take place by fall break. Most offers for permanent positions are made prior to Thanksgiving and resolved prior to Winter recess. Internship information sessions kick off immediately after fall break and continue through early December. Job shadowing visits tend to take place on Fridays in November and December. For access to all academic calendars please click here and for access to the Career Services On Campus Recruiting calendar click here

September 10. Classes commence
September 19. Corporate Affiliates Open House and Career Roundtables, Bendheim Center for Finance
October 20–24. Mid-term exam week
October 25. Fall recess commences
November 3. Classes resume
November 21. Job Shadowing in NYC
November 25–30. Thanksgiving holiday
December 5. Job Shadowing In NYC; Finance/Consulting/IT MeetUp sponsored by Career Services
December 12. Winter recess begins

January 2015

This can be an awkward month for most recruiting activity since the students are not here for much of this month except to take exams, but it can be a good time to schedule interviews at your offices during reading period or offer short 1–2 week internships between winter and spring terms.

January 4. Winter recess ends
January 5-13. Reading period
January 14, Fall term exams begin
January 24. Fall term exams end and term break begins

February–June 2015

Most interviews for summer internships for our two year students are carried out in early February. Most offers of internship positions are made by Spring recess and are resolved by late March.

February 2. Classes begin
March 9-13. Mid-term exam week
March 14-22. Spring recess
March 24. Classes resume
May 4–12. Reading period
May 13–23. Spring term exams
June 2 Commencement


Employers of Recent Graduates

The Bendheim Center provides extensive career assistance to students, including help with internships and job placement, through its own staff and our placement record has been excellent.

To review the firms that have hired students in the past few years for internships and fulltime, please click here

The following firms have employed at least one of our students in a permanent (for graduating students) or internship position (in the Summer for two-year students). In addition, several of our students have gone on to PhD programs at Oxford, London Business School, Wharton, Northwestern and Princeton.

Acadian Asset Management
Analytic Investors
Banco de Mexico
Banco de la Republica
Banco de Mexico
Banco d'Italia
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
Bluecrest Capital Management
BNP Paribas
Boston Consulting Group
Bridgewater Associates
BTG Pactual
Cerberus Capital Management
Citadel Investments
Constellation Energy
Credit Suisse
DC Energy
D.E. Shaw Group
Dean & Company
Deutsche Bank
DTE Energy
Edgestream Partners
EFG Capital Partners
Eladian Trading
Empirical Research Partners
Gleacher and Associates
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Group One
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
Hagin Investment Management
Harvest Fund Management
JP Morgan Chase

Kepos Capital
Kingdon Capital Management
Larrain Vial
Lehman Brothers
Merrill Lynch
McKinsey & Co.
MKP Capital Management
Mitsui Bank
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Moody's Investors Service
Morgan Stanley
Neuberger Berman
New York Federal Reserve Bank
NRG Energy
Novahill Partners
Patria Investimentos
Putnam Investments
Royal Bank of Canada
RHJ International
Sanford Bernstein
SembCorp Industries
Sensato Investors
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Singapore Investment Co.
Societe Generale
State Street
Sun Trading
Susquehanna International Group
Taconic Capital Advisors
Two Sigma
Valinor Management
Walleye Trading
World Bank - IFC
Ziff Brothers Investments


Student Resumes and Photos

Please note: The photographs and CVs contained in this section are for the reference of recruiters working with Princeton University; permission is not granted for any other use.

Selected resumes of recent graduates can be found here

Students Seeking Fulltime Employment

Summer 2015

Robin de Rycke
Fan (Joy) Jiang
Sonya J. Flechon
Xiaonan (Steven) Ge
Amin Jafarian
Karen J. Leiton
Longchuan Liao*
Ning (Sophia) Lu
Sebastian R. Maass
Francois Mayer
Stephen A. McDonald
Arthur Rodier
Cesar Rojas
Taylor Russell
Can Senel
Swapnil Sharma
Hugo Steiner
Edward C. Stivers
Saori Suzuki*
Zhiyuan Wang
Gregory Weil
Benjamin Whitcher
Alexander H. Wu
Pan Xie
Lu Xin
Zhichao (John) Yan
Helen M. Yu
Lana Zakharova

Photos and resumes of jobseeking students can be found here

Resume book of jobseekers can be found here

Students Seeking Summer Internships

Summer 2015

Alexander Boote
Juan Carlos Alvarez Campero
Pasquale (Pat) Chiacchiari
Jonathan Choi
Ki-Soon (Keith) Choi
Di Dai
Xuyang (Dennis) Dang
Jean-Paul (JP) Espinosa
Friedrich Herzog
Ramiro Jaramillo
Xiaoyu (Victor) Li
Victoria May
Victor Monas
Balram Ottapathu
Deepika Pyla
Di Wu
Yujiao (Stella) Zhang
Zhi (Zoe) Zhou

Photos and resumes of internseeking students can be found here
A resume book of internseekers can be found here

Recent Graduates

June 2014

Santiago Barona
Thomas Bottee de Toulmon
Andrew Chan
Joonhahn Cho
Carlo Didonna
Laurent Dupras-Boileau
Youssef El Moujahid
Xixin Fan
Arianne Flemming
Mauricio Gonzalez
Holly Goodman
Kevin Hassani
Jun Wei Ho
Mengyi (Melly) Jiang
Kamal Katika
Tao (Ivy) Li
Sarah Nagy
Brandon Richardson
Tapani Salonen
Yeong Zann (Ian) Seow
Stephane Shao
Elaine Song
Mark TenPas
Taylor Termes
Hoi Lun (Alan) Wang
Tong Wu
Xiaoqing (Sara) Yuan
Igor Zabukovec


Contact Information

For additional information about recruiting MFin students or for assistance with any aspect of the recruiting process, please contact:

Wendell Collins, Director of Corporate Relations -

"The Bendheim Center offers a wide range of finance courses that allow graduates to choose careers in both academia and the financial industry. The small class size and an exclusive alumni network make the program unique. Wherever you want to take your career, Princeton opens the doors across the globe."

-- Duygu Gozeler, MFin '07; Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management, Private Banker, Middle East & Africa