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Student Research

FIN 560/561: Master’s Project I & II

Course credit can be granted to students who elect to carry out a master's research project under the supervision of a BCF-affiliated faculty member. Currently enrolled students interested in pursuing research opportunities should contact the BCF Director of Graduate Studies, and seek a faculty advisor among the BCF-affiliated faculty. Master's research projects can only be conducted while the student is enrolled full-time in the program.

A list of recent research topics can be found here.

The Financial Engineering Laboratory (equipped with personal computers, workstations, and financial data feeds) facilitates such projects. The BCF provides a standardized computing environment, based on Matlab, Mathematica and C++. The BCF also maintains a large financial database.

Weekly Research Seminars

Students are involved in regular seminars offered by academic researchers and industry representatives and have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects in some of the elective courses.

A number of weekly research seminars, such as the weekly Civitas Foundation Finance Seminar, the weekly series in the Economics department and in the ORFE department, as well as seminars organized by individual faculty members on a particular theme, are available for Master students to attend. Attendance of a weekly seminar does not provide course credit.

Research Conferences

Students are also invited to attend the conferences and workshops organized by the Center.

Past research projects have focused on topics ranging from quantitative trading strategies to portfolio optimization, risk management of large institutions and derivative modelling.