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• BCF Director Markus Brunnermeier was recently featured in a New York Times article about fears of renewed instability as fed ends stimulus program.

• Founding BCF Director Yacine Ait-Sahalia announced that he is stepping down at the end of the 2013/2014 academic year after sixteen years at the helm and has been succeeded by Markus Brunnermeier, effective July 1, 2014. Full story here.

• BCF faculty member Atif Mian was recently featured in a New York Times article about House of Debt, a book he co-authored with Amir Sufi featuring new research regarding the financial crisis. 

•BCF faculty member Ronnie Sircar received a grant (along with Humboldt University) to launch a student and faculty exchange to develop new mathematical and statistical models related to the transition of energy production from fossil fuels to renewable technologies.

MFin students  Karen Leiton and Taylor Russell were recently featured in a Bloomberg Markets story on careers beyond investment banking.

•Gregory Chow was named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association.

•Two Princeton undergraduate certificate in finance students - Ankit Buddhiraju and Kubrat Danailov with two others teamed up for the Rotman International Trading Competition in Toronto in February 2014.  They were the top-ranking team of undergraduates from the USA, beating teams from institutions such as MIT, Stanford and Cornell

Two Princeton undergraduate certificate in finance students -- Tanner Smith and Luca Iliescu – were recently highlighted in an interactive feature on global summer projects.

 •Hyun Shin was named Economic Advisor and Head of Research at the Bank of International Settlements, September 9, 2013.

• Ulrich Mueller was named by Handelsblatt as the top economist from a German-speaking country under the age of 40.  Complete list of the top 100.

• Daniel Kahneman -- affiliated BCF faculty, a professor emeritus of psychology and a Nobel laureate in economics -- will receive the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2013, the White House announced Aug. 9. 

• BCF Faculty advisee Lu Xia (Jianqing Fan, advisor) was one of five graduate students to be honored for excellence in teaching.

•  Arminio Fraga PhD '85, a member of the BCF Advisory Council, has been named the recipient of Princeton's James Madison Medal, which was awarded on Alumni Day, Feb. 23, 2013.

• Wei Xiong, along with co-author, Zhigou He, has won the Smith Breeden Prize for the best capital market paper published in the Journal of Finance. The prize for “Rollover Risk and Credit Risk” was announced at the recent meetings of the American Finance Association.

• Jose Scheinkman has been elected as a corresponding member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.  The induction ceremony will take place on May 7, 2013.

• The BCF's Master in Finance program has been ranked in the top 10 programs (listed in alpha order) by Advanced Trading in their 2012 Rankings of top quantitative finance programs. Quantnet has also ranked Princeton as a top program.

• Jerome Powell '75, a member of the BCF Advisory Council, has been confirmed by the Senate. He is one of two Princetonians named to the Federal Reserve Board.

• Jianqing Fan has been elected for his contributions to Economics and Finance as Academician of Academia Sinica by the 30th Convocation of Academicians held July 2-5, 2012, in Taipei, Taiwan.

• BCF research is highlighted on the Research at Princeton website

• Chris Sims wins the 2011 Nobel Prize with Thomas Sargent of NYU for their research on cause and effect in macroeconomics. Chris Sims is the third BCF-affiliated faculty member to win the Nobel Prize in Economic Science since the BCF's founding, after Danny Kahneman (2002) and Paul Krugman (2008).

• Investment executive Mitch Julis, a member of Princeton's class of 1977, has made a substantial gift to create the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance .

• Hyun Shin, who served as an adviser to the South Korean president, has won the annual essay contest on banking regulation sponsored by the International Centre for Financial Regulation and the Financial Times.

• Bendheim Center for Finance Celebrates 10th Anniversary with major Conference.

• Markus Brunnermeier wins Guggenheim for "Financial Frictions and the Macroeconomy"

• Jianqing Fan wins Guggenheim for Statistical Studies on Massive Data

• Q&A with José Scheinkman on his new class: Lessons from financial crises

• Rene Carmona featured in "Professor Calculates a Cooler Planet"

Robert A. Bendheim, Benefactor of The Bendheim Center for Finance and Loyal Princeton Alumnus, Dies at Age 93

Bendheim Center for Finance Master in Finance Named One of the Top Programs by Quantnet. The Bendheim Center for Finance is pleased to be recognized as offering one of the top Master programs in finance, financial engineering or mathematical finance, by Quantnet. Quantnet ranked the various programs in groups of five, listing the programs alphabetically within each group. The BCF program was ranked in the top group, 1-5. While we are pleased with the ranking, applicants should note that it is not possible for any formulaic ranking to capture the distinctiveness of a program or to determine whether any program is the best choice for an individual student. We encourage students to use a variety of resources to find the best match for them.

Alan Blinder Installed as John Kenneth Galbraith Fellow of the American Academy

Markus Brunnermeier Wins 2008 Bernacer Prize

Rene Carmona Named to Inaugural Group of SIAM Fellows

Yacine Ait-Sahalia wins Guggenheim for "The Econometrics of Jumps and Volatility"

Harrison Hong Awarded Fischer Black Prize

• Paul Krugman wins 2008 Nobel Prize "for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity"

Bendheim Faculty Discuss Financial Crisis

• The Wall Street Journal (May 16, 2008): Bernanke's Bubble Laboratory

• EQuad News (Winter 2007): Everything to gain: Engineer takes on the financial world

• Jianqing Fan wins Morningside Gold Medal for Applied Mathematics

• Global Association of Risk Professionals (Sept/Oct 2007): The Metamorphosis of Finance Education

• Princeton Business Journal (June 26, 2007): A quiet power in finance

• Packet Online (August 1, 2006): Princeton University master’s degree in finance scores high marks

• The New York Sun (June 20, 2006): Princeton’s Finance Program A Popular Alternative to MBAs

tenth anniversary logo

In 2000, we opened the doors of the Bendheim Center for Finance to fulfill the same mission we have today: to develop new courses and programs in finance that will afford exciting learning opportunities to Princeton students and to establish a leading center for modern financial research. 

In September 2010, we celebrated this decade of leadership in finance research and education with a daylong conference featuring leading faculty of the program culminating in a lecture by the initiator of the program, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke.