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Civitas Foundation Finance Seminar

Fall 2014

The seminar meets on Wednesdays, 2:50-4:00 p.m., in the Bendheim Center for Finance, Room 103. If you have questions, or would like to be added to the email list for the seminar, please contact Karen Neukirchen

Next Seminar:

Dec 10        Peter Kondor
Central European University
"Cursed Financial Innovation" (with Botond Koszegi)
(Preliminary paper)

Recent Seminars

Sept 10      Stephan Luck
Bonn Graduate School of Economics
"Banks, Shadow Banking, and Fragility" with Paul Schempp

Sept 17      Ron Giammarino
University of British Columbia
"Ambiguity" in Corporate Finance: Governance, Underinvestment, and Security Issuance (with Lorenzo Garlappi and Ali Lazrak)"

Sept 24      Ying Jiang
Princeton University
"Order Flow Informativeness and Equity Financing"

Oct   1        Gabriele La Spada
Princeton University
"Competition, 'Reach for Yield," and Money Market Funds"

Oct  8         Xiaochen Feng
Princeton University
"Bank Competition, Risk Taking and Their Consequences: Evidence from the U.S. Mortgage and Labor Markets"

Oct  15       Michael Sockin
Princeton University
"Not So Great Expectations: A Model of Growth and Informational Frictions"

Oct 22        Darrell Duffie
Stanford University
"Benchmarks in Search Markets" with Piotr Dworczak and Haoxiang Zhu

Nov  5         Haoshu Tian
Princeton University
"The Effects of a Temporary Short-selling Ban"

Nov 12       Theresa Kuchler
New York University
"Sticking to Your Plan: Hyperbolic Discounting and Credit Card Debt Paydown"

Nov 19       Nikolai Roussanov
Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
"Houses as ATMs? Mortgage Refinancing and Macroeconomic Uncertainty"

Dec 3          Gustavo Manso
University of California, Berkeley
"Experimentation and Returns to Entrepreneurship"