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Student Research Workshop

Fall 2014

Meetings are held on Tuesdays, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:40 p.m., in BCF Classroom 103. Lunch will be served following the workshop in the conference room/library following the workshop.  Several workshops are also scheduled for job market candidates on Wednesdays, from 2:50  to 4:00 p.m. in BCF Classroom 103. 

Tues. (*), Wed. (+)

September 9     Ji Huang (*) "Banking and Shadow Banking"

September 16   Victoria Liu (*) "Impact of Bank Lending on Trade Credit: Evidence from the 2007-8 Crisis"

September 23   Liang Dai (*) "Asset Bundling and Information Acquisition of Investors"

September 24   Ying Jiang (+)  "Order Flow Informativeness and Equity Financing"

September 30   Jeong-Ho Kim (*)  "Fund Differentiation and Fidelity in the Active Management Industry"

October 1          Gabriele La Spada (+) "Competition, 'Reach for Yield,' and Money Market Funds"

October 7          Peter Van Tassel (*) "Merger Options and  Risk Arbitrage"

October 8          Xiaochen Feng (+) "Bank Competition Risk Taking and Their Consequences: Evidence from the U.S. Mortgage and Labor Markets"

October 14        Inessa Liskovich
(*) "Corporate Governance and Employee Selection"

October 15        Michael Sockin
(+) "Not So Great Expectations: A Model of Growth and Informational Frictions"

October 21        Matthew Baron
(*) "Countercyclical Bank Equity Issuance"

November 4      Olivier Darmouni (*) "The Cost of Private Inforamtion in Banking Relationships: Evidence from the Financial Crisis"

November 5      Haoshu Tian
(+) "The Effects of a Temporary Short-selling Ban"

November 11    Felix Matthys
(*) "Government Policy Uncertainty and the Yield Curve"  

November 18    Alexander Rodnyansky
(*) "The Legacy Asset Channel: "The Effects of Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending Behavior" with Olivier Darmouni

November 25    Zongbo Huang (*) "Learning from Your Neighbors' Move" and Elise Gourier "Pricing of Idiosyncratic Equity and Variance Risks"

December 2

December 9

 Spring 2014

Program slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to present in the spring term 2013, please e-mail to Olivier Darmouni

February  4             Alan Xiaochen Feng 
"Bank Competition: Risk Taking and Their Consequences: Evidence from the U.S. Mortgage and Labor Markets"

February 11            Olivier Darmouni 
"Policy Experimentation in Banking Crises"

February 18            Matt Baron  "The Causes and Consequences of Credit Expansion: Evidence from Stock Prices"

February 25            Zongbo Huang  "Haircut and Risk Sharing over the Cycle"

March 11                Alexander Rodnyansky  "Corporate Governance and the Real Effects of Corporate Cash Holdings"

March 25                Ying Jiang "Informed Trading and Firm's External Financing" 

April 1                     Carlos Campani, "Approximate Analytical Solutions for Consumption and Portfolio Decisions under Recursive Utility and Finite Horizon"

April  8                    Xiaoyang Sean Dong "Technological and Market Liquidity Spirals"

April 15                   Michael Sockin  "Learning about the Neighborhood: A Model of Housing Cycles?"

April 22                   Peter Van Tassel  "Deal Failure Risk"

April 29                   Matthieu Gomez "How Do Firm-Level Shocks Impact Aggregate Fluctuations?"