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Undergraduate Certificate

Elective Courses

In addition to the two core courses of the certificate, students must complete three courses (all requiring a letter grade, pass/fail not allowed) chosen from the two lists below. Courses not listed in the pre-approved lists here but which form part of a coherent program of study in finance, and which are approved in advance by the Program Representative may be used to fulfill the electives requirement. Courses must be at the level 300 or higher. Requests must be made by email to the Program Representative.

Please check this page for updates regarding new courses eligible as elective courses for the certificate or removals of previously-listed courses from the eligibility list. Not all courses may be offered every year. Please check with the relevant departments to confirm their offerings in any given year.

When you select your elective courses, keep in mind that, starting with students in the Class of 2008:

  • ECO and ORF students must take at least 2 of their 3 elective courses from List 1.
  • Other concentrators must take at least 1 of their 3 elective courses from List 1.

List 1: Financial Applications

COS 445: Networks, Economics and Computing
EAP 402: The Japanese Financial System
ECO 207: Financial Accounting
ECO 326: Economics of the Internet: The Digital Revolution
ECO 332: Economics of Health and Health Care
ECO 341: Public Finance
ECO 342: Money and Banking
ECO 348: The Great Recession: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies
ECO 353: International Monetary Economics
ECO 365: Empirical Methodology in Finance
ECO 414: Introduction to Economic Dynamics
ECO 462: Portfolio Theory and Asset Management
ECO 463: International Financial Markets
ECO 464: Corporate Restructuring
ECO 465: Options, Futures and Financial Derivatives
ECO 466: Fixed Income: Models and Applications
ECO 467: Institutional Finance: Trading and Markets
ECO 468: Behavioral Finance
ECO 469: Valuation and Security Analysis
ECO 490:  Financial Accounting
ECO 491: Cases in Financial Risk Management
ECO 492: The Rise of Asian Capital Markets
ECO 493: Financial Crises
ORF 335: Introduction to Financial Mathematics
ORF 350: Analysis of Big Data
ORF 435: Financial Risk Management
ORF 455: Energy and Commodities Markets
POL 345: Quantitative Analysis and Politics
POL 348: Politics and Finance
WWS 332: Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy
WWS 340: The Psychology of Decision Making and Judgment
WWS 408: Finance and Public Policy
WWS 451: Special Topics in Public Affairs: Regulation of International Financial Markets
WWS 466: Financial History
WWS 524: Advanced Macroeconomics

List 2: General Methodology for Finance

APC 350: Introduction to Differential Equations
CEE 460: Risk Assessment and Management
COS 318: Operating Systems
COS 323: Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences
COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques
COS 423: Theory of Algorithms
COS 424: Interacting with Data
COS 425: Database and Information Management Systems
COS 432: Information Security
COS 436: Human-Computer Interface Technology
COS 444: Electronic Auctions: Theory and Practice
COS 461: Computer Networks
ECO 311: Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach
ECO 312: Econometrics: A Mathematical Approach
ECO 313: Econometric Applications
ECO 315: Topics in Macroeconomics
ECO 317: The Economics of Uncertainty
ECO 321: Industrial Organization
ECO 322: Theory of Contracts and the Firm
ECO 370: American Economic History
ECO 385: Ethics and Economics
ECO 418: Strategy and Information
ECO 462: Portfolio Theory and Asset Management
ECO 467: Institutional Finance, Trading, Markets
ECO 468: Behavioral Finance
ECO 491: Cases in Financial Risk Management
ELE 491/EGY 491: High-Tech Entrepreneurship
ECO 492: Asian Capital Markets
ECO 493: Financial Crises
HIS 364: International Economic History in the 20th Century
MAE 305/MAT 391: Mathematics in Engineering I (ODE, PDE)
MAE 306/MAT 392: Mathematics in Engineering II (PDE, complex variables)
MAT 325: Analysis I: Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations
MAT 330: Complex Analysis with Applications
MAT 335: Analysis II: Complex Analysis
MAT 385: Probability Theory
MAT 486: Random Processes
NEU 425/PSY 425: Neuroeconomics
ORF 307: Optimization
ORF 309: Probability and Stochastic Systems
ORF 311: Optimization under Uncertainty
ORF 374: Special Topics in Operations Research and Financial Engineering
ORF 401: Electronic Commerce
ORF 405: Regression and Applied Time Series
ORF 409: Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation
ORF 474: Special Topics in Operations Research and Financial Engineering
WWS 307/ECO 349: Public Economics
WWS 340/PSY 321: Psychology of Decision Making/Judgement
WWS 594N: Topics in Policy Analysis - Negotiation and Conflict

class day 2009

“The Undergraduate Certificate of Finance Program gives students a great theoretical foundation on which further knowledge of finance can be built. I have found this foundation critical to maintain independent and creative thinking while practicing finance in the workplace.”

Yuhang (Vivian) Wang
Credit Suisse, New York
Class of 2009