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Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Certificate in Finance

I am not a Princeton undergraduate student. Can I still get the UCF?

The short answer is: no.

I am not an Economics or ORFE major. Can I still apply to the UCF?

Absolutely, so long as you have taken all necessary prerequisites courses, apply, and fulfill all the UCF requirements. In fact, about a third of the UCF students major in a department other than Economics or ORFE.

I am an incoming freshman, and although my major is undeclared/undecided, I am interested in the UCF program. What is an optimal course map for the program?

Here is a suggested course sequence:

Freshman Year Fall Term
ECO 101, MAT 103 (or the 2 semester version if your SAT test scores indicate insufficient preparation for MAT 103)

Freshman Year Spring Term
ECO 100, MAT 104

Sophomore Year Fall Term
ECO 202 (or equivalent such as ORF 245), MAT 175 (or the more advanced yearlong sequences during sophomore year MAT 201-202 or MAT 203-204)

Sophomore Year Spring Term
ECO 310 (can be taken in Fall along with ECO 362)

Junior Year Fall Term
ECO 362, 1 elective

Junior Year Spring Term
ECO 363, 1 elective

Senior Year Fall Term
1-2 electives, senior thesis

Senior Year Spring Term
1-2 electives, senior thesis

I am a sophomore, and will apply for admission in the UCF by May 31. How should I select my courses during Spring pre-registration without knowing whether I will be admitted?

You should select your courses in April assuming that you are going to be admitted (see above the recommended course map for the Fall semester of the junior year). You will receive admission decisions by July 31. At that point you can change your course selection if need be.

What happens if I have not fulfilled all the requirements for the UCF by the end of my senior year?

You can drop from the UCF at any time. Please notify the Academic Administrator Melanie Heaney-Scott

Do I have to take ECO 310 for a letter grade? I took it last year as a P/D/F course, before I enrolled in the UCF program.

You must take all courses (prerequisites, core and electives) that you intend to use to satisfy the certificate requirements for a letter grade. If you already took a course with the pass/fail option, you will have to retake the final exam in a current or future term (with the instructor’s permission) and obtain a letter grade.

Can I take ECO 310 at the same time as ECO 362?

Yes, you may take them at the same time in the fall of your junior year.  However, admission is Provisional until completion of  all requirements including ECO310.

Can I take a course over the summer at another institution?

In general, yes. But, you must get approval from the Dean of the College, from your department representative and from the UCF program representative.

I would like to study abroad during my junior year. Can I fulfill the core course requirement (ECO 362/363) by taking equivalent courses at a foreign institution?

In the past, several students have studied abroad for a semester or a year while successfully completing the UCF. This requires planning ahead, including taking additional courses in your sophomore year. You should consult with the UCF program representative about courses you wish to take for UCF credit. We approve courses taken elsewhere only if they are of comparable standards and taken at institutions of comparable quality. Note that most departments allow students to count up to four courses for departmental credit for the year. Also, grades received in courses taken abroad are not counted in calculating averages for departmental honors.

I have taken MAT 201 but not MAT 202. Do I still need to take MAT 202 to fulfill the UCF prerequisites?

Yes, you have to take one of MAT 175 OR {MAT 201 AND MAT 202} OR {MAT 203 AND MAT 204}.

Can UCF students take 500 level FIN, ORF or ECO courses?

In general, students with an exceptional academic record will be allowed, with the permission of the UCF program representative, to take a 500 level course to satisfy part of their elective requirements.

What if I have more questions?

Email the UCF program representative, Professor Harrison Hong