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Undergraduate Certificate


Elective courses can be selected either according to individual needs and preferences, or to conform to one of five suggested tracks, listed below. These sets of courses are intended to be illustrative of coherent courses of study that students might choose. It is not necessary for a student to designate or complete a particular track to satisfy the certificate requirements.

1. Mathematical Finance Track

Students in this track study the mathematics of financial price theory, including stochastic calculus and its applications to arbitrage and equilibrium in dynamic economies. Relevant courses in this area include:

ECO 317, ECO 414, ECO 465, ECO 466, MAT 305, MAT 390, MAT 391, ORF 309, ORF 311, ORF 515

2. Corporate Finance Track

Students in this track study issues such as the choice and financing of investment projects, firms’ determination of dividend policy, optimal capital structure, financial reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, and the management and regulation of banks and other financial institutions. Relevant courses include:

ECO 317, ECO 322, ECO 342, ECO 361, ECO 464, ECO 490, ELE 491

3. Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management Track

Students in this track focus on the determination of the prices of options, futures and other derivative securities, and on the management of their risks. Relevant courses include:

APC 350, CEE 360, COS 323, ECO 302, ECO 312, ECO 463, ECO 465, ECO 466, ECO 491, MAT 304, MAT 331, *MAT 392, ORF 309, ORF 335, ORF 374, ORF 405, ORF 435, ORF 474, ORF 515

4. Investment Management Track

Students in this track study the design and functioning of asset markets around the world, the theory of optimal portfolios, the behavior and determinants of asset returns, and techniques of portfolio management. Relevant courses include:

COS 323, ECO 311, ECO 342, ECO 353, ECO 461, ECO 462, ECO 463, ECO 464, ECO 465, ECO 466, ECO 492, ECO 493, ELE 382, HIS 364, MAT 305, ORF 307, ORF 311, ORF 405, ORF 435, WWS 340

5. Information Technologies for Finance Track

Students in this track study the computer-based technologies that are becoming increasingly important in finance, such as the design of efficient trading systems, algorithms, interfaces and large databases and the security of computer networks. Relevant courses include:

COS 318, COS 323, COS 333, COS 423, COS 425, COS 432, COS 436, COS 461, COS 496, ECO 461, MAT 305

"The UCF imparts both structure and flexibility in a serious study of finance.  The independent research requirement also allows for in-depth analysis and understanding of a financial topic that could not be easily replicated elsewhere."

-- Teck Hsien Ho, Class of '10
Cornerstone Research
New York