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Rules for Using Bobst Facilities

We welcome you to the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice. Please read the following rules for usage of the space and make plans accordingly. The following rules assume that you have booked the space with the Bobst Center Program Manager. If you also require the use of the seminar room, Bobst 105, please book that space directly with University Scheduling.  

1.      The event coordinator must email James Dyer (, Building Services, and cc: the Bobst Center Program Manager, Wendy Brill at, a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event regarding setup and cleanup of the event, including furniture setup.   

2.     All tables and chairs that are needed for dining purposes are to be ordered through Building Services. Furniture in the East room (conference table and chairs) may not be used for dining purposes. Tables must be removed from East room and stored in the first floor stairwell or moved off to side of room 101. Chairs from conference table may be placed around the fireplace or the perimeter of the room for seating purposes.  

3.     Any spills on carpets, floors, etc. or damage to any of the furniture are the responsibility of the department that is hosting the event.  

4.     When using the East room (101), restrooms are located on the second floor. Please do not use any other section of second floor or third floor of Bobst. These spaces are occupied by other departments.   

5.     If the event is social, the sponsor is responsible for adhering to all applicable University rules regarding the use of alcohol. Any damage to building or furnishings is the responsibility of the individual hosting the event.  

6.     The fireplace in the East room may be used. The fireplace is gas and must be turned off when event is finished. It is controlled by remote control - Please contact Wendy Brill if you plan to use the fireplace so that proper instructions can be given regarding the turning on and turning off of the fireplace. The fireplace area must be clear of all flammable objects at all times.  

7.     The use of candles or equipment that poses a fire risk is prohibited. No tape may be used on walls.  

8.     Someone from the sponsoring department must remain at the event until the conclusion of the event. This person is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the event and making certain that all is in order during the event
  • Arranging the pick-up of any catering items or additional tables and chairs that may have been used. *If event is on weekend, pick-up must be scheduled for early Monday morning. 
  • Placing all garbage in secure bags  

                *Note: Should you require a building maintenance staff member to assist in the set-up or clean-up of your event, please contact James Dyer, Building Services, This does not fall under the responsibility of our Bobst Building Services staff and will be charged to the department hosting the event.

If your event is on the weekend or begins after normal university business hours (8:45 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday), please be sure to file a Lock/Unlock Form with Campus Security as Bobst is on a computer lock system. This will ensure that the building will be opened and locked before and after your event. If the event you are hosting is a weekend or evening event and you have problems with security issues, please contact Public Safety at 258-3134.

Any questions or comments that you may have should be directed to: 

Wendy Brill, Bobst Center Program Manager,

* Room 105 is the large conference room to the right upon entering the building. This room is controlled by the Registrar’s office. If you would like to reserve this room, you must do this through University Scheduling.  

Thank you.