About the Bottle Project

This event started as an acknowledgement of a universal truth: freshmen in their first week of college have little idea what an incredible experience the next four years of their life will be. In 2009, when we first started the Bottle Project, we asked Princeton alumni if they had anything to say to the incoming class and many responded with messages of advice, comfort, and wisdom. This year, we asked our most recent alumni, the Class of 2011, what they would say to the Class of 2015.

Fifteen designers each chose a message that spoke to them. Through a collaboration between ODUS and the Student Design Agency, bottles were designed to display and express each message in a unique and memorable way. On the Wednesday night before classes begin, fifteen bottles will be hung across campus in an interactive exhibition through which we hope to share these messages with you.

To the Class of 2015: Find the messages left by alumni who were in your shoes only a few years ago. We wish you the best on your journey through Princeton.

Looking for bottles? Print a map to guide your search.