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In spring 2008, Princeton unveiled its Campus Plan — the result of the most comprehensive planning initiative in the University's history. The plan, which established strategies to guide development through 2016 and beyond, was produced over two years following thorough analysis of the 380-acre campus by a team of experts and significant involvement by stakeholders. It was intended as a framework, rather than a final, precise plan.

"Princeton University's campus is one of its most precious assets," President Shirley M. Tilghman said at the time. "It has been purposefully designed to support the University's most important goals, providing spaces for active engagement and quiet reflection. This plan will revitalize the best-loved parts of the campus while improving and more fully integrating other areas, and it will allow us to create important new spaces while enhancing the beauty and sustainability of the campus environment."

Since the plan's unveiling, projects have begun or continued construction, others are making their way through design and approval phases, and some are being re-evaluated in light of changing economic circumstances. The purpose of this website is to keep the broader University community apprised of the various projects described in the Campus Plan.

Campus plan overview (click to view larger image)