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20th International Conference on

Computer Aided Verification (CAV) 2008

July 7 – 13, 2008

Princeton, USA

CAV Award

An annual award, called the CAV Award, has been established


       "For a specific fundamental contribution

       or a series of outstanding contributions

       to the field of Computer-Aided Verification."


The cited contribution(s) must have been made not more recently than five years ago and not over twenty years ago.  In addition, the contribution(s) should not yet have received recognition via a major award, such as the ACM Turing or Kanellakis Awards.


The award of $10,000 will be granted to an individual or a group of individuals chosen by the Award Committee from a list of nominations.


The Award Committee may choose to make no award in a given year.


The CAV Award will be presented in an award ceremony at the Computer-Aided Verification Conference and a citation will be published in a journal of record (currently, Formal Methods in System Design).


Anyone, with the exception of members of the Award Committee, is eligible to receive the Award.


Call for Nominations for the CAV Award

Anyone can submit a nomination except a member of the Steering Committee of the Computer-Aided Verification Conference, or someone whose term of service on the Award Committee ended within the last two years.  The Award Committee can originate a nomination.


A nomination must state clearly the contribution(s), explain why the contribution is fundamental or the series of contributions is outstanding, and be accompanied by supporting letters and other evidence of worthiness.  Nominations should include a proposed citation (up to 25 words), a succinct (100-250 words) description of the contribution(s), and a detailed statement to justify the nomination.


For the CAV Award in 2008, please send nominations to one of the following two Steering Committee members of the Computer-Aided Verification Conference, who will forward the nominations to the Chair of the Award Committee:


           Edmund M. Clarke, CMU          emc (at) cs.cmu.edu

           Robert P. Kurshan, Cadence     rkurshan (at) cadence.com


Nominations must be received by January 28, 2008.