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Room Reservations

A224 EQuad: Joseph C. Elgin Seminar Room

A224 Engineering Quadrangle

A224 is a 715 ft2, 50 seat classroom that has built in video projection and sound. 

This room is primarily controlled by the Registrars Office and thus classes come first.  We cannot book rooms for normal class times until approximately 2 weeks after a semester starts.  For non class times we can schedule 3 months in advance.

To schedule the room please check availability first by viewing the Daily Grid or Weekly Grid.

Then contact:
Julie Sefa, 609-258-4572
Karen Oliver, 609-258-4619
Heather Yacone,  609-258-8620

G201 EQuad: Eisenhart Room

G201 Engineering Quadrangle

G201 is a conference room owned by the School of Engineering and Applied Science that is booked through the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  The room is 480 ft2 and can seat  20.  It has an A/V system that includes a projector, sound, DVD player, VCR, CD player and cassette player.

For help with the audiovisual equipment contact Maureen Novozinsky, 609-258-7503.

Call 609-258-3979 for problems with communications, lighting, furniture, or the general state of the conference room.

To schedule the room please read the Eisenhart Room Usage Policy.

Then contact:
Stephanie Rumphrey, 609-258-1566
Karen Oliver, 609-258-4619