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Course Offerings

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers a broad spectrum of graduate courses. The five "core" courses, required of all Ph.D. students, are:

  • CBE 501       Fluid Mechanics OR
  • MAE 552       Viscous Flows and Boundary Layers     
  • CBE 502       Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis II OR
  • MAE 501       Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis I 
  • CBE 503       Advanced Thermodynamics
  • CBE 504       Chemical Reactor Engineering
  • CBE 505       Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer

In addition, the modest student-to-faculty ratio at Princeton permits the department to offer a remarkable number of graduate elective courses, each typically taught at two-year intervals. Current graduate elective courses are given in the list below. Detailed descriptions of all of these courses, as well as the hundreds of graduate courses offered by other departments and programs at Princeton, may be found in the on-line version of the Graduate School Announcement.

  • CBE 508       Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • CBE 522       Colloidal Dispersions I
  • CBE 523       Colloidal Dispersions II
  • CBE 524       Statistical Mechanics [also CHM 503 and APC 512]
  • CBE 526       Surface Science:  Processes and Probles
  • CBE 527       Nonlinear and Mixed Integer Optimization
  • CBE 529       Hydrodynamic Stability
  • CBE 530       Systems Engineering
  • CBE 531       Synthesis and Processing of Ceramic Matrix Composites [also MSE 530]
  • CBE 532       Interfacial Science and Engineering
  • CBE 533       Molecular Recognition and Biomolecular Engineering
  • CBE 534       Emerging Technologies in Bioengineering
  • CBE 535       Computational Biology of Cell Signaling Networks
  • CBE 536       Glasses and Supercooled Liquids
  • CBE 541       Polymer Synthesis [also MSE 534]
  • CBE 543       Solution Properties of Polymers
  • CBE 544       Solid-State Properties of Polymers [also MSE 514]
  • CBE 547       Mechanics of Granular Materials and Gas-Particle Flows
  • CBE 548       Dynamics of Films, Jets, and Drops
  • CBE 554       Topics in Computational Nonlinear Dynamics
  • CBE 556       Quantum Theory and Applications
  • CBE 560       Hydrodynamics of Multi-phase Systems

Students pursuing the Ph.D. in Chemical and Materials Engineering will take several of the graduate courses offered through the Graduate Program in Materials at the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM):

  • MSE 501       Introduction to Materials
  • MSE 502       Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
  • MSE 503       Structure of Materials
  • MSE 504       Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science
  • MSE 505       Microscopy Methods in Materials Sciences
  • MSE 515       Random Heterogeneous Materials
  • MSE 519       Electronic Excitations of Organic Crystals and Conjugated Polymers
  • MSE 531       Introduction to Nano/Microfabrication