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Chemistry of Materials Paper on Butanol Pervaporation Membranes Selected for ACS Editors’ Choice

In work described as “a major breakthrough” by the peer-reviewers, a Princeton CBE-led collaboration has synthesized new block and random copolymers which are exceptionally well-suited to the recovery of butanol from dilute aqueous solutions, such as fermentation broth; these materials could represent an important development in the energy-efficient continuous production of this chemical building block and potential biofuel.  Published in the October 13 issue of the American Chemical Society (ACS) journal Chemistry of Materials, the article, “Hydroxyhexafluoroisopropylnorbornene Block and Random Copolymers via Vinyl Addition Polymerization and Their Application as Biobutanol Pervaporation Membranes”, was selected for the ACS Editors’ Choice program, meaning that it will be open access (freely available to the general public) in perpetuity, so the link above will provide access to the article with or without a Chemistry of Materials subscription.  Only one article per day, across all ACS journals, is selected as Editors’ Choice.  The paper resulted from a collaboration between Princeton Postdoctoral Associate Dong-Gyun Kim and Professor Richard Register, and researchers Tamami Takigawa, Tomomasa Kashino, Oleksandr Burtovyy, and Andrew Bell at Promerus LLC.  The work was supported jointly by Promerus and by the Princeton University Dean for Research Innovation Fund for Industrial Collaborations.