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Nelson receives President's Award for Distinguished Teaching

Celeste M. Nelson, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Director of the Program in Engineering Biology and Director of Graduate Studies, received the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching at the University’s Commencement ceremony on May 31, 2016. This award is given as recognition for sustained records of excellence in undergraduate- and graduate-level teaching by Princeton University faculty members. The accomplishments of Prof. Nelson are reflected in the following excerpt from the Commencement program: “Celeste Nelson’s body of work is all about bodies - human bodies, and how they are engineered. Her courses form the principal corpus for biological engineering, and she provides real-world context for grasping abstract concepts. Her lab demonstrations  memorably using pig lungs, deeply connect students with the subject matter. A key player in cross-fertilizing disciplines, she demonstrates a rare ability to explain biological concepts to engineers and differential equations to biologists. Her teaching elevates her students to new heights of understanding in a way that is, well, celestial."  For more information, see the Princeton Engineering News article.