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Purdum GS5 Wins Best Paper Award at Electronic Materials Conference

CBE Ph.D. student Geoffrey Purdum GS5 was named one of four “best papers” presented at the 58th Electronic Materials Conference (EMC), held June 22-24 at the University of Delaware.  Purdum’s talk, entitled “Traversing the Polymorphic Landscape of Core-Chlorinated Naphthalene Diimides through Tuning Molecule-Molecule, Molecule- Substrate, and Molecule-Solvent Interactions” (talk V4), was selected by the EMC program committee from over 200 talks presented at the meeting.  Purdum, advised by Professor Yueh-Lin Loo, described how the crystalline packing motif of molecular semiconductors, which greatly influences their charge transport, can be manipulated through synthesis and processing.  The award, which carries a $500 prize, will be formally presented at the 2017 EMD, to be held June 28-30 at the University of Notre Dame.  Congratulations, Geoff!