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Brynildsen, Thawani G3, and Chou G2 Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

At a lunch and ceremony today, open to the entire School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Princeton Engineering Council (E-Council) and Graduate Engineering Council (GEC) jointly recognized faculty and graduate students for excellence in teaching during calendar 2016.  Mark Brynildsen, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, was honored for teaching CBE 341, “Mass, Momentum, and Energy Transport” in Fall 2016.  In addition, CBE Ph.D. student Wen Kang Chou G2 was honored for his work as an Assistant in Instruction (AI) for CBE 341 in Fall 2016, while CBE Ph.D. student Akanksha Thawani G3 was honored for her work as an AI in CBE 246, “Thermodynamics”, in Spring 2016.  Recipients of the “Excellence in Teaching” Awards are nominated by students taught, and selected by the E-Council and GEC for “their ability to present the course material in a clear and effective manner, responsiveness to student needs, a concern for student learning, and innovative and creative teaching methods.”  These teaching awards are entirely student-run, and any professor or AI instructing an engineering, mathematics, or physics course is eligible.  Congratulations Mark, Chou, and Akanksha!