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Mechanical Properties of Star Block Polymer Thermoplastic Elastomers with Glassy and Crystalline End Blocks

Stress--Strain and Recovery--Strain curves for differnt block copolymers

Professor Rick Register and Ph.D. student Adam Burns *17 have shown that changing from a linear to a star block copolymer architecture can yield substantial improvements in the properties of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), such as their tensile strength and recovery from deformation.  TPEs are not only melt-processable, but are also reprocessable and recyclable, but typically show incomplete recovery from deformation when compared with conventional (non-recyclable) vulcanized elastomers.  The property enhancements result from a more uniform “bridging” of the rubbery chains between reinforcing domains as the number of arms in the star increases. 

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For more infomation about Professor Register's research please see the Polymer Research Laboratory site.