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Graduate Alumnus named ExxonMobil "Analytics Influencer of the Year"

George KhouryPrinceton graduate alumnus George Khoury has been named the 2018 ExxonMobil “Analytics Influencer of the Year.” Khoury has worked for the energy giant since completing his Ph.D. in chemical and biological engineering in 2015. He is currently a senior engineer.

The award, open to all ExxonMobil employees, recognized Khoury’s work in data analytics.

At Princeton, Khoury was one of the last graduate students to study with Christodoulos Floudas, a professor who was widely regarded as a leading authority on mathematical modeling and the optimization of energy systems.

“He was an endless source of inspiration,” Khoury said. “He had this infectious enthusiasm, this infectious energy that fueled the curiosity of everyone around him.“

Khoury began working with computational science as a student at Pennsylvania State University. When he arrived at Princeton, that passion for computation evolved into a focus on applying data science to process modeling. He became one of the first students to receive the graduate certificate from the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (PICSciE).

According to Khoury, this drive toward analytics allowed him to flourish on Floudas’s research team, which  applied optimization to myriad problems.

“We learned the fundamentals of how to do computational science,” he said.

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