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NSF Graduate Research Fellowships announced: seven current and former students awarded

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced its 2018 Graduate Research Fellowship Program awardees this week. Seven current and former students of chemical and biological engineering received awards.

They are, current students:

Sally Jiao ‘18, undergraduate student of chemical and biological engineering;

Izzy Grabski '18, undergraduate student of chemical and biological engineering;

Sarah Wang '18, undergraduate student of chemical and biological engineering;

Katelyn Randazzo, graduate student with the Priestley Laboratory;

Mack Walls, graduate student with the Soft Living Matter Group;

and recent alumni:

Abigail Grosskopf ’17, now at Stanford University;

Sarah Sacco ’16, now at Vanderbilt University.

The NSF fellowship is a prestigious honor that recognizes excellence in scholarship among rising and current graduate students. “The program recruits high-potential, early-career scientists and engineers and supports their graduate research training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” according to the program website. The fellowships were established in 1952 and represent the nation’s longest continuous program of support for the STEM fields.

To learn more about the program and its awardees, read the GRFP press release or visit the searchable database of award offers.


CORRECTION: This article previously listed only five awardees. It has been updated to include Sarah Wang and Izzy Grabski, both undergraduate students.