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Priestley wins Top Quadrant Award

Rodney Priestley, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, has been honored with the 2009 Quadrant Award First Prize. The Awards were established by Quadrant, a Switzerland-based global leader in the manufacturing of high-performance thermoplastics and composites, to recognize exceptional doctoral theses in “materials and processes related to engineering and high-performance plastics and composites”. Priestley’s thesis, entitled “Effects of Nanoscale Confinement and Interfaces on the Structural Relaxation of Amorphous Polymers Monitored at the Molecular Scale by Fluorescence and Dielectric Spectroscopy”, showed that confinement can lead to polymer glasses that do not physically age, thereby circumventing the embrittlement which accompanies aging. The Quadrant Award First Prize is accompanied by a monetary award of 15,000 Euro.

Press release as published in Modern Plastics, February 2009
Photos of contestants, awardees, and academic jury