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Aksay to Lead Princeton-Harvard MURI Team on Adaptive Structural Materials

A Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) team, led by Professor Ilhan Aksay of Princeton Chemical Engineering, has been awarded $7.5M over five years by the Army Research Office for “Innovative Design and Processing of Multi-Functional Adaptive Structural Materials”. Inspired by natural materials such as human bone, the aim of the project is to develop synthetic materials that are adaptive—able to repair and strengthen themselves when needed. By engineering porous materials, the pore network permits the flow of liquids to the necessary repair sites, and also provides a structure which can house components that perform other key functions, as the blood vessels and marrow do in bone.

Drawing on expertise of faculty from both Princeton and Harvard University, the team also includes Princeton members Jean-Hervé Prévost of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Howard Stone, who will join Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in July (and as Associated Faculty in Chemical Engineering); the Harvard members include George Whitesides (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Joanna Aizenberg (Engineering and Applied Science), and Zhiguang Suo (Engineering and Applied Science).

For additional information, see the Princeton Engineering News article.