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Sundaresan and Khoury Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

At a lunch and ceremony on February 21, open to the entire School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Princeton Engineering Council (E-Council) and Graduate Engineering Council (GEC) jointly recognized two members of the CBE department for their excellence in teaching during Spring/Fall 2011.  Professor Sankaran Sundaresan received the sole Spring 2011 faculty award, for his teaching in the graduate-level course CBE 505, “Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer”.  George Khoury received a Fall 2011 award for his work as an Assistant in Instruction (AI) in the senior-level CBE 442, “Design, Synthesis, and Optimization of Chemical Processes”.  Recipients of the “Excellence in Teaching” Awards are nominated by students taught, and selected by the E-Council and GEC for “their ability to present the course material in a clear and effective manner, responsiveness to student needs, a concern for student learning, and innovative and creative teaching methods.”  These teaching awards are entirely student-run, and any professor or AI instructing an engineering, mathematics, or physics course is eligible.