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Brangwynne Named Searle Scholar

Clifford P. Brangwynne, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, was named a Searle Scholar for 2012 on April 13.  Fifteen recently-appointed assistant professors in the chemical and biological sciences nationwide were selected for this honor from a pool of 186 researchers nominated by 125 institutions.  The Searle Scholars Program will support Cliff's research on nucleolar function in cell growth control through a $300,000 grant over the next three years.  In selecting the Scholars, the Scientific Advisory Board “looked for scientists who have already demonstrated innovative research with the potential for making significant contributions to chemical and biological research over an extended period of time.” Scientific Director Doug Fambrough said, “The new Searle Scholars have in common that they are bold enough to embark on high-risk projects that offer the promise of leading to major advances in the basic sciences and to a deeper understanding of such scourges as tuberculosis, inflammatory diseases, cancer, and atherosclerosis.” For more information, see the Searle Scholars Program press release.