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Graphene-Rubber Nanocomposites on the Cover of Journal of Polymer Science

Recent collaborative work from the groups of CBE Professors Ilhan Aksay, Bob Prud’homme, and Rick Register has shown that functional graphene sheets (FGS) make effective multifunctional nano-fillers for several types of elastomers, simultaneously improving mechanical properties, reduce gas permeation, and impart electrical conductivity. This combination of property improvements is unavailable in any other filler, including carbon black and nanoclay, and result from the high aspect ratio and crumpled morphology of the graphene sheets.  The research team also included Postdoctoral Associate Bulent Ozbas, former CBE undergraduate Christopher O’Neil ’06, and Research Scholar Douglas Adamson, now on the faculty at the University of Connecticut.  These results were published in the July 1 issue of the Journal of Polymer Science Part B:  Polymer Physics, where they were highlighted on the issue cover, which shows a colorized scanning electron microscope image of the fracture surface of an FGS-natural rubber nanocomposite.  For those with journal access, the full article is viewable here.