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CBE 335 (“The Energy-Water Nexus”) Profiled on University Home Page

A new undergraduate course, “The Energy-Water Nexus” (CBE 335 / MAE 335 / ENv 335 / ENV 335), taught for the first time in Fall 2012, was recently profiled on the Princeton University homepage.  The course describes and quantifies the inextricable link between water and energy — and the challenge in figuring out how to keep that relationship as sustainable as possible.  Taught by Sankaran Sundaresan, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering; Eric Larson, Lecturer in Chemical and Biological Engineering and in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; and Dan Giammar, Kenan Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching, the course culminated in a student team project, where each team designed its own power plant (following a tour of the University’s steam-and-electricity cogeneration plant).