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In work described as “a major breakthrough” by the peer-reviewers, a Princeton CBE-led collaboration has synthesized new block and random copolymers which are exceptionally well-suited to the recovery of butanol from dilute aqueous solutions, such as fermentation broth; these materials could represent an important development in the energy-efficient continuous production of this chemical building block and potential biofuel.  Published in the October 13 issue of the American Che
Recent research by a team at Boston University spearheaded by Mark Brynildsen, now Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton, has shown how bacteria can be forced to increase their production of reactive oxygen species (ROS)—either killing the bacteria outright, or making them vulnerable to antibiotics at lower dosages.  By developing genome-scale metabolic models describing the production of reactive oxygen species in the bacterium E. coli, and then pert