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A collaborative project by the Shvartsman, Kevrekidis, and Singer (MATH) groups established a new approach to data fusion in studies of embryogenesis and used it to reconstruct multivariable dynamics of a patterning cascade in the early Drosophila embryo. Their paper made a cover in the PLoS Computational Biology.  Paul Villoutreix (LSI) and Joakim Anden (MATH) are co-first authors. The work has been supported by funds from the NSF, SEAS, and Weizmann Institute.
“RASopathies” are caused by mutations within the Ras signaling pathway, by which cells transmit information from their exterior to their interior.  These genetic disorders, which affect approximately 1 in every 1000 children, can result in distinct facial features, developmental delays, cognitive impairment, and heart problems.  Today, the only treatments for RASopathies attempt to address the symptoms; there is currently no therapy for the underlying disruption of the sign
The January 18 issue of the Princeton Alumni Weekly, mailed to all Princeton alumni, carried as an insert the Winter 2012 issue of the EQuad News, dedicated to “Exploring the Intersection between Engineering and Health”, in which several CBE faculty members were prominently featured.  An article on “Designing New Biological Molecules to Fight Bacteria and Cancer” described the experimental work in the group of Assistant Professor A. James Link on designing antimicrob