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Nancy K. Lape has joined Princeton's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering for a one-year appointment as the Kenan Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching. Lape brings a novel approach to the instruction of engineering fundamentals. Where traditional lecture models rely on passive learning, Lape's model seeks to activate students during class time, leading to improved student learning. Throughout the meeting period, students spend time working on problems and interacti
  Before engineers can build a reactor to produce electricity from fusion, they have to make the reactor’s walls able to withstand the heat and energetic particles from the reactions. It is a hellish environment and requires a very special material. “It’s a very important, very difficult problem,” said Bruce Koel, a professor of chemical and biological engineering at Princeton. Koel, who conducts research at the University and the Princeton Plasma Physics Labora
by Florence Odigie   In the middle of the career fair floor, as I talk with a recruiter, we are distracted by a young boy with a hard hat climbing atop the red display bicycle. We stop talking and the recruiter, a woman named Tiffany from Unilever, looks over and asks his mother if she can take a picture. She takes the picture as he poses and pretends to ride the bike. And I’m suddenly relaxed. I had come to the conference with thirteen other engineering students from Princeton, al
Tiny particles, big machines by Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research Video by Danielle Alio, Office of Communications Sometimes the largest instruments are needed to view the tiniest particles. Students in the course “Laboratory Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering” (MSE 302) are learning how to use large and sophisticated pieces of equipment to probe materials that are several times smaller than the width of a human hair. The instrume
Congratulations to Sally Jiao, CBE Class of 2018, who received the Class of 1939 Princeton Scholar Award at Opening Exercises on Sunday, September 10th.  This prize is awarded each year to the undergraduate who, at the end of junior year, has achieved the highest academic standing for all preceding college work at the University.
First-year CBE Ph.D. student Alicia Magann, working with Professor Herschel Rabitz in Chemistry, and CBE alumnus Kevin Silmore '16, currently a graduate student in chemical engineering at MIT, were each recently awarded a four-year Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship in support of their research “in fields that use high-performance computing to solve complex science and engineering problems”.  The fellowship also includes a twelve-week practicum ex
Earlier today, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation named 240 outstanding college sophomores and juniors across the U.S. as 2017 Goldwater Scholars, including Chemical and Biological Engineering concentrator Sally Jiao ’18.  Goldwater Scholars are selected based on academic merit, and are chosen from students majoring in natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering disciplines at 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide.  The scholarships pro
Earlier today, Chemical and Biological Engineering Ph.D. students Aleena Patel G2 (Shvartsman group) and Daniel Kozuch G1 (Debenedetti group) were each awarded a three-year National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in support of their research here at Princeton.  CBE alumnus Kevin Silmore ’16, currently a graduate student in chemical engineering at MIT, was also selected for this honor.  Heartiest congratulations to Aleena, Dan, and Kevin!
Princeton’s AIChE student chapter took first place in the national ChemE Jeopardy Competition this past Saturday, at the AIChE 2016 Annual Student Conference in San Francisco.  The team, consisting of Martin Kurian ’18, Tristan Lim ’18, Frank Nguyen ’17, and Joe Rummaneethorn ’18, edged out eight competitors (each of whom was already a regional champion), including third-place Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and second-place New Mexico Institute of Minin
Recent CBE graduates Stephanie Noble ’12 and Jasmine Edelstein ’14, as well as graduating senior Zachary Schiffer ’16 have won National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. Jasmine is currently at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, studying Biomedical Engineering and Stephanie is studying Neuroscience at Yale University. This award "recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students … who are pursuing research-based Master's
Several CBE undergraduate students participated in the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference that took place from April 8-10 at the University of Delaware. Two teams entered a  ChE Jeopardy competition: Sami Walter ’17, Jeffrey Register ’18, and Erika Davidoff ‘17 made it to the semifinals, while Joe Rummaneethorn ’18,  Martin Kurian ’18, and Tristan Lim ’18 won the competition and qualified to compete at the annual AIChE meeti
Evaline Tsai '15 took first place in the Materials Engineering and Sciences category in the 2013 Undergraduate Poster Competition held at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Student Conference held in San Francisco earlier this month.  Evaline’s poster, entitled “Studying the Influence of De-Alloying on Combinatorial W-Fe Thin Films for Development of Porous Nanostructures”, described work she conducted in the laboratory of Professor Alfred Ludw
At Princeton University’s academic year Opening Exercises yesterday, CBE junior Christopher McCord ’15 received the George B. Wood Legacy Sophomore Prize, in recognition of exceptional academic achievement during his sophomore year. In addition to a B.S.E. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chris is pursing certificates in Engineering Physics, Applications of Computing, and Engineering Biology, and is a member of the varsity sprint football team.  For additional information
CBE seniors Kirsten Parratt `13 and Alice Stanton `13 placed first and second, respectively, in the Research Paper Competition at the AIChE Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference held at Rutgers University on April 5-6.  Kirsten is working with Dr. Nan Yao of the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials on her thesis, entitled “Nanomechanical Properties of Organic Thin Films in Nacre”, while Alice is working with Professor Celeste Nelson of CBE on her th
A new undergraduate course, “The Energy-Water Nexus” (CBE 335 / MAE 335 / ENv 335 / ENV 335), taught for the first time in Fall 2012, was recently profiled on the Princeton University homepage.  The course describes and quantifies the inextricable link between water and energy — and the challenge in figuring out how to keep that relationship as sustainable as possible.  Taught by Sankaran Sundaresan, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering; Eric Larson, Lectu
Graduating CBE senior Ana Alvarez ’12 was recently featured in a story and video on the Princeton University homepage, along with her brothers Cesar (MAE ’13) and Jose (CEE ’15).  The story describes the path taken by the three siblings (with Ana as the pioneer) which led them to Princeton, and each to a SEAS department.