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Athanassios Panagiotopoulos

Selected Publications

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  1. A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Essential Thermodynamics, Drios Press, 2011.

Journal Articles {in reverse chronological order}

  1. Systematic determination of order parameters for chain dynamics using diffusion map, A. L. Ferguson, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, P. G. Debenedetti and I. G. Kevrekidis; Proc. Nat. Academy Sci. , 107 13597-602 (2010).
  2. Ultra thin films of diblock copolymers under shear, A. Chremos, K. Margaritis and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; Soft Matter , 10.1039/c003198d (2010).
  3. Micellization behavior of coarse grained surfactant models, S. A. Sanders and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; J. Chem. Phys.,  132, 114902, 9 pp  (2010).
  4. Charge correlation effects on ionization of weak polyelectrolytes, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; J. Phys. Condens. Matter 21, 424113, 7 pp (2009).
  5. Electrostatic screening and charge correlation effects in micellization of ionic surfactants, A. Jusufi, A.-P. Hynninen, M. Haataja, and A.Z. Panagiotopoulos; J. Phys. Chem. B,  113, 6314-6320 (2009).
  6. Anisotropic self-assembly of spherical polymer-grafted nanoparticles, P. Akcora, H. Liu, S. K. Kumar, J. Moll, Y. Li, B. C. Benicewicz, L. S. Schadler, D. Acehan, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, V. Pryamitsyn, V. Ganesan, J. Ilavsky, P. Thiyagarajan, R. H. Colby and J. F. Douglas,  Nature Mater., 8, 354-359 (2009).
  7. Invited topical review: Simulations of phase transitions and free energies for ionic systems, A.-P. Hynninen and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Molec. Phys., 106, 2039-2051 (2008).
  8. Disappearance of the Gas-Liquid Phase Transition for Highly Charged Colloids, A.-P. Hynninen and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Phys. Rev. Lett., 98, 198301 (2007) [Editor's Suggestion].
  9. Effective potentials for 1:1 electrolyte solutions incorporating dielectric saturation and repulsive hydration, P. J. Lenart, A. Jusufi, and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, J. Chem. Phys., 126, 044509 (2007).
  10. Monte Carlo simulation of the phase behavior of model dendrimers, A. N. Rissanou, I. G. Economou and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Macromolecules, 39, 6298-6305 (2006).
  11. Computational characterization of the sequence landscape in simple protein alphabets, M. S. Shell, P.G. Debenedetti and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 62, 232-243 (2006).
  12. Log-rolling micelles in sheared amphiphilic thin films, G. Arya and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Phys. Rev. Lett, 95, 188301 (2005).
  13. Thermodynamic properties of lattice hard-sphere models, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, J. Chem. Phys., 123, 104504, 5 pp (2005).
  14. Critical point of electrolyte mixtures, A.-P. Hynninen, M. Dijkstra, and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, J. Chem. Phys., 123, 084903, 9 pp (2005).
  15. Coarse-grained kinetic computations for rare events: Application to micelle formation, D. I. Kopelevich, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos and I. G. Kevrekidis, J. Chem. Phys., 122, 044908, 13 pp (2005).
  16. An improved Monte Carlo method for direct calculation of the density of states, M. S. Shell, P. G. Debenedetti and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, J. Chem. Phys., 119, 9406-11 (2003).
  17. Monte Carlo Study of Coulombic Criticality in Polyelectrolytes, G. Orkoulas, S. K. Kumar and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 048303 (2003).