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Pierre-Thomas Brun

Selected Publications

  1. A. Damiano, P.-T. Brun, D. Harris, C. Galeano-Rios, J.W. and M. Bush "Surface topography measurements of the bouncing droplet experiment", Exp. Fluids (2016)
  2. F. Viola ,P.-T. Brun, and F. Gallaire, "Foam on troubled water: Capillaryinduced finite-time arrest of sloshing waves", Physics of Fluids (2016)
  3. D. Holmes, P.-T. Brun, A. Pandey and S. Protiere, "Rising beyond elastocapillarity" Soft Matter (2016)
  4. P.-T. Brun, J. Quintela, V. Prost, D. Harris, and J. W. M. Bush, "Shedding light on pilot wave phenomena", Phys. Rev. Fluids (2016)
  5. D. Harris, J. Quintela, V. Prost, P.-T. Brun, and J. W. M. Bush, "Visualisation of Hydrodynamic Pilot-Wave Phenomena, ", Exp. in Fluids (2016)
  6. A. Nasto, P.-T. Brun, C. Clanet and P. Hosoi, "Entrainment of Air in Hairy Surfaces", Phys. Rev. Fluids (2016)
  7. A Lee, P.-T. Brun, J. Marthelot, G. Balestra, F. Gallaire and P. M. Reis, " Fabrication of slender elastic shells by the coating of curved surfaces", Nature Communications (2016)
  8. P.-T. Brun,B.Audoly, A. Goriely and D. Vella, "The surprising dynamics of a chain on a pulley: liftoff and snapping", Proc. Soc. A, (2016)
  9. M. K. Jawed, P.-T. Brun, and P. M. Reis, "A Geometric Model for the Coilingof an Elastic Rod Deployed Onto a Moving Substrate", Journal of Applied Mechanics, 82, (2015)
  10. P.-T. Brun, A. Damiano, P. Rieu, G. Balestra, and F. Gallaire, "Rayleigh-Taylor instability under an inclined plane", Physics of Fluids, 27, (2015)
  11. G. Amselem, P.-T. Brun, F. Gallaire and C. N. Baroud, "Breaking anchored droplets in a microfluidic Hele-Shaw cell",  Physical Review Applied., 3, (2015)
  12. B. Audoly, A. Callan-Jones and P.-T. Brun "Dynamic Curling of an Elastica: A Nonlinear Problem in Elastodynamics Solved by Matched Asymptotic Expansions", Extremely Deformable Structures. Springer, (2015)
  13. P.-T. Brun, N. M. Ribe, B. Audoly and J. Lister, "A geometrical model for the viscous sewing machine", Physical Review Letters, 114, (2015)
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  18. V. E. Campbell, R. Guillot, E. Riviere, P.-T. Brun, W. Wernsdorfer and T. Mallah,, "Subcomponent Self-Assembly of Rare-Earth Single-Molecule Magnets", Inorganic Chemistry, 52 (9) (2013)
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