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Rodney Priestley

Selected Publications

  1. "Physical Aging of Confined Glasses."  Soft Matter, Vol. 5, 919, 2009.
  2. "Novel Effects of Confinement and Interfaces on the Glass Transition Temperature and Physical Aging in Polymer Films and Nanocomposites" Proceeding of 5th International Workshop on Complex Systems, 192, 2008  [with J.M. Torkelson, P. Rittigstein, M.K. Mundra and C.B. Roth].
  3. "Confinement and interfacial effects on the glass transition and aging of a series of poly(n-methacrylate films.” Aust. J. of Chem., 60, 765, 2007 [with M. K. Mundra, N. Barnett, L. J. Broadbelt and J.M. Torkelson].
  4. "Glass transition and alpha-relaxation dynamics of thin films of labeled polystyrene.” Nature Physical Review, E 75, 061806, 2007 [with L.J. Broadbelt, J.M. Torkelson and K. Fukao].
  5. "Model polymer nanocomposites provide an understanding of confinement effects in real nanocomposites.” Nature Mater., 6, 278, 2007 [with P. Rittigstein, L.J. Broadbelt and J.M. Torkelson].
  6. "Effect of fumed silica nanoparticles on gas permeation properties of substituted polyacetylene membranes.” Polym. Bull., 58, 995, 2007 [with T. Kono, Y. Hu, T. Masuda, K. Tanka and B.D. Freeman].
  7. "Evidence for the molecular-scale origin of the suppression of physical aging in confined polymer: Fluorescence and dielectric spectroscopy studies of polymer-silica nanocomposites.” J. Phys. Condens. Matter, 19, 205120, 2007 [with P. Rittigstein, L.J. Broadbelt, K. Fukao and J.M. Torkelson].
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  10. “Physical aging of an epoxy subsequent to relative humidity jumps through the glass concentration.” J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys. 42, 2107, 2004 [with Y. Zheng and G.B. McKenna].