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September 2016

September 2015

August 2014

October 2013

July 2013

Nucleoli (red) and Histone Locus Bodies (green) in a X. laevis GV. Marina Feric.

May 2013

"Medusa", by Jamie Barr.

3rd Place, People's Choice Award at 2013 Art of Science Exhibit.

This image of a clump of C.elegans worms captures all levels of the central dogma of biology, with DNA stained in blue, pre-processed ribosomal RNA stained in red, while the worms are a transgenic line with fib1::gfp protein in green.

March 2013

Our New Lab in Hoyt! (yes... we were only in the old lab for < 2 years!)

May 2012

An array of oocytes from the frog Xenopus laevis. Axel Shum.

February 2012

Nuclei visualized within a growing C.elegans worm expressing GFP::npp-1 (a nucleoporin). Chris Sosa

January 2012

C.elegans worm gonad. DNA is visible in blue. Steph Weber

November 2011

C.elegans worms in the dissecting scope. William Gilpin

August 2011

C.elegans embryo at the 2-cell stage. The embryo expresses a GFP marker of the lipid membrane (green) and an RFP marker of histones (red). See the movie. Cliff Brangwynne

July 2011

The overlaid trajectories of magnetic particles moving towards a pole piece. Ethan Li

June 2011

An oocyte from the frog Xenopus laevis. Marina Feric

Lab Finished!! April 6, 2011

View of main lab area

Another view of main lab

Another view of main lab (facing microscope room and sample prep room)

View from office space into main lab area

Office space toward hallway

View of microscope room

Lab Progress 3/15/11

Lab office space

Lab office space (main lab through windows)

Glass doors into lab office space

Right corridor looking towards sample prep room

View of main lab from corridor windows

Lab Progress 1/28/11

View from main lab toward back

View from office space into main lab

View across main lab