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Collaboration with Trenton Public Schools

Kilmer Elementary 8th Graders Experiment with Worms during a visit by Cliff and postdoc Sravanti, November 2012

We have developed an outreach program in collaboration with the Trenton Public Schools, a disadvantaged school system in the city of Trenton (ca. 20 minutes south of Princeton). The goal of this outreach program is to generate excitement about science, raise awareness of opportunities in science careers, and give students some sense for what scientists *really* do. Our approach for this is in the spirit of Louis Agassiz's dictum, "Study Nature, Not books" (This hangs prominently on the entrance wall of the library of the MBL in Woods Hole !)

Postdoc Steph Weber describing why science is awesome during a visit to Kilmer 8th Graders in October 2013


Cliff and Princeton undergraduate William Gilpin share the excitement of watching worms during Nanodays, March 2012

In collaboration with Dan Steinberg, director of Education and Outreach at the Center for Complex Materials, we participate in Nanodays at the Princeton public library, as part of a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering. Various members of the lab participate each year. We bring microscopes and share the excitement of science, give them a sense for biological scales, and introduce them to the concept of phase transitions in cells. We've now participated in nanodays in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

PhD student Marina Feric gets kids excited about intracellular phase separation at Nanodays, March 2014

Postdocs Shani Elbaum, Sravanti Uppaluri, and PhD student Marina Feric at the Brangwynne lab table, Nanodays 2014

Summer Research Opportunities

Ethan Li, High School Student from Michigan working in the Brangwynne lab summer 2011

In the summer we host undergraduate students to gain experience in the laboratory. We work with the Princeton Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, and have also hosted talented high school students.