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Our research is in the area of materials chemistry and physics of complex, soft materials. Specifically, we are interested in electrically-active polymeric and molecular materials.  We hope to elucidate the fundamental processing-structure-property relationships that govern these materials to generate design rules and guidelines for the rational synthesis of materials with tailored properties and the development of innovative processing and patterning technologies for the realization of low-cost, light weight, mechanically flexible thin-film devices, such as organic transistors and solar cells.

Currently, we are examining how specific processing conditions affect the structure evolution of organic and polymer materials, and how structure development can in turn impact applications-relevant macroscopic electrical and physical properties. Work is being carried out on functional block copolymers, solution-processable organic and polymeric conductors and semiconductors, as well as conjugated self-assembled monolayers.

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04/04/2014 Lynn Loo featured in "Five Questions with..."; discussed engineering solutions through meaningful private-academic partnerships
03/05/2014 Luisa Whittaker accepts tenure track position in Chemistry at the University of Utah and is Salt Lake City bound late summer.  Congratulations, Luisa!
03/04/2014 Anna Hiszpanski a finalist for the Frank J. Padden Jr. Award of the Division of Polymers at the American Physical Society Meeting; Anna Hailey's contribution featured in the Science as Art Gallery at the same meeting. 
02/10/2014 Tyler Tamasi '15 joins us for his junior project!
01/15/2014 Petr Khlyabich joins us from USC as a post-doctoral associate.  Welcome!
01/14/2014 Nick Davy, Melda Sezen, and Geoff Purdum pass their first prop defense!  Congrats!


Solvay Symposium Celebrating the Success of the Solar Impulse

The group recently attended the "Asking More From Chemistry" Symposium sponsored by Solvay to celebrate the success of the Solar Impulse project on July 12, 2013.  The fuel-less, solar-powered plane flew across the nation this summer.