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We study the structural development of complex soft materials with a goal of elucidating their processing-structure-function relationships for optoelectronics and energy applications.

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Winter 2016 Alum He Wang receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award - congrats, He!
01/03/2017 Koshu Takatsuji joins group - welcome Koshu!
01/16/2017 Lynn Loo part of Princeton delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos
01/31/2017 Kaichen Gu selected as a co-recipient of this year's SABIC award for best general exam performance - congratulations, Kaichen!
02/22/2017 Lynn Loo delivers the Frontiers of Chemistry Lecture at Case Western Reserve University. 
03/10/2017 Melda Sezen and Nicholas Davy selected to share the SABIC Best First Paper Prize - congratulations!
05/12/2017 We bid farewell to Jia Gao who is joining Enablence in Fremont, CA. Stay in touch, Jia! And group alum Yi Ren will be joining Shanghai Tech University - congratulations!
06/06/2017 Congrats Frank Nguyen '17 - his senior thesis was awarded the Goudie Prize! And congratulations Josh Burd '17 and Corinne Lowe '17 - best wishes to all on your next chapters of your professional careers!
06/30/2017 Nick, Melda and Jia's collaborative project on using UV solar cells to power smart windows for regulating the transmission of light and heat featured on Princeton homepage.
07/15/2017 Our near UV solar cell technology featured by numerous media outlets, including in the Wall Street Journal!
08/07/2017 The group welcomes Guy Olivier Ngongang Ndjawa. 
08/09/2017 Our Nature Energy article is featured on the cover of the August issue!
08/25/2017 Lynn Loo talks about the Andlinger Center, organic electronics research with Michael Filler on the Nanovation Podcast


Pairing of Near-UV Solar Cells with Electrochromic Windows for Smart Management of the Solar Spectrum

The various wavelengths of the solar spectrum can be exploited for different functionalities. We have developed an organic solar cell that harvests near-ultraviolet photons to power an electrochromic device that controls how many photons go through a smart window in other wavelength ranges, adjusting both visible light and heat ingress.

To learn more, refer to our publication in Nature Energy.