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Archived News


12/2016 Alum He Wang receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award - congrats, He!
01/03/2017 Koshu Takatsuji joins group - welcome Koshu!
01/16/2017 Lynn Loo part of Princeton delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos
01/31/2017 Kaichen Gu selected as a co-recipient of this year's SABIC award for best general exam performance - congratulations, Kaichen!
02/22/2017 Lynn Loo delivers the Frontiers of Chemistry Lecture at Case Western Reserve University. 
03/10/2017 Melda Sezen and Nicholas Davy selected to share the SABIC Best First Paper Prize - congratulations!
05/12/2017 We bid farewell to Jia Gao who is joining Enablence in Fremont, CA. Stay in touch, Jia! And group alum Yi Ren will be joining Shanghai Tech University - congratulations!
06/06/2017 Congrats Frank Nguyen '17 - his senior thesis was awarded the Goudie Prize! And congratulations Josh Burd '17 and Corinne Lowe '17 - best wishes to all on your next chapters of your professional careers!
06/30/2017 Nick, Melda and Jia's collaborative project on using UV solar cells to power smart windows for regulating the transmission of light and heat featured on Princeton homepage.
07/15/2017 Our near UV solar cell technology featured by numerous media outlets, including in the Wall Street Journal!
08/07/2017 The group welcomes Guy Olivier Ngongang Ndjawa. 
08/09/2017 Our Nature Energy article is featured on the cover of the August issue!
08/25/2017 Lynn Loo talks about the Andlinger Center, organic electronics research with Michael Filler on the Nanovation Podcast


11/02/2016 Nick Davy selected for best poster prize at the 2016 KAUST Solar Research Conference for his work on transparent solar cells - congrats!
10/13/2016 Double congratulations to Geoff Purdum for receiving the School of Engineering and Applied Science's Award for Excellence!
10/10/2016 Geoff Purdum selected for student prize at the 58th Electronic Materials Conference - congrats, Geoff!
08/05/2016 We said good-bye to summer undergraduates Amy Liu, Kim Sha and Abhiram Karuppur - thank you for a productive summer with us!
06/08/2016 Geoff Purdum receives 2016 Student Research Paper Prize sponsored by the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source. Congratulations, Geoff!
05/20/2016 Lynn appointed director of Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, effective July 1.
05/05/2016 Kaichen wins fan-favorite poster at Princeton Research Day - congratulations, Kaichen!
04/15/2016 Clay Hamill receives an NDSEG Fellowship - congrats, Clay!!
03/17/2016 Geoff Purdum selected to receive the first-ever SABIC First-Paper Prize. See CBE department writeup here and CHESS writeup here. Congrats, Geoff!
03/15/2016 Group alum He Wang accepts tenure-track position in the Physics Department at the University of Miami. Congrats, He!
02/23/2016 Melda Sezen and Nick Davy talk about transparent solar cells powering smart windows on  WPRB.
02/06/2016 Lynn Loo gave the go Science on Saturday Lecture at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.
01/14/2016 Geoff Purdum selected as this year's Kris Layn Award recipient.  The award recognizes outstanding performance in research by a graduate student by the end of his/her third year in residence.  Congratulations, Geoff!  

Anna Hailey's techno-economic analysis of low-carbon liquid fuels production from non-food biomass and domestic gas highlighted in the winter issue of E-quad News.  For more information, go here.

01/05/2016 The new year sees us bidding farewell to visitor Prof. Kok Keong Chong and welcoming first-year graduate students Kaichen Gu, Clay Hamill, and Jeni Sorli. Welcome on board!


09/15/2015 Melda Sezen and Jeff Register's work on developing conductinpolymer sensors highlighted in E-quad News.  For more information, go here.
08/31/2015 Prof. Kok Keong Chong from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia, joins us through a Fulbright Fellowship - welcome Kok Keong!
08/03/2015 Marcos Reyes-Martinez receives a two-year Intelligence Community Post-doctoral Fellowship - congratulations, Marcos!!
07/24/2015 Maggie Cutlip '16 receives a PSEG Scholarship - congrats Maggie!
06/11/2015 Lynn Loo is proud to have led team that formalized partnership between E-ffiliates and ExxonMobil; see press release here.
06/02/2015 Commencement 2015!  The group congratulates Tyler Tamasi '15 and Dr. Anna Hiszpanski!  Best wishes on your future endeavors!  We also welcome Anastasia Ivanushkina and Sally Jiao who are joining us as an Andlinger Lewis Summer Intern and a PEI Grand Challenges Summer Intern, respectively.
05/15/2015 Lynn Loo selected as one of 11 finalists for the Blavatnik National Awards in the Physical Science category.   
05/15/2015 Anna Hiszpanski successfully defends; headed to Lawrence Livermore Labs after this.  Congrats and best wishes, Dr. Hiszpanski!
03/02/2015 Dr. Marcos Reyes joins group from the Polymer Science Department at U. Mass Amherst.  Welcome, Marcos! 
03/01/2015 Petr Khlyabich, Geoff Purdum, Melda Sezen and Nick Davy present at the annual American Physical Society meeting in San Antonio!
02/01/2015 Jeff Register, who interned with us for two summers, was interviewed by Princeton Magazine for his participation in the NJ Governor's STEM Scholar program.
01/30/2015 Anna Hailey selected to present in this year's Milliken Graduate Research Symposium to be held in Spartanburg, SC April 15-17.  Congratulations, Anna!
01/12/2015 The group welcomes Matt Volpe and Maggie Cutlip! They join Tyler Tamasi as undergraduate researchers; Tyler is completing his senior thesis while Matt and Maggie are embarking on their junior independent projects with us.
12/08/2014 Luisa's paper on hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells to be featured on the cover of Advanced Energy Materials!


12/08/2014 Luisa's paper on hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells to be featured on the cover of Advanced Energy Materials!
10/17/2014 Check out our updated publications list; papers published in Advanced Functional Materials, JACS and more!
1017/2014 G4 Anna Hailey to speak; G2 Nicholas Davy, Geoff Purdum and Melda Sezen to premier their research at the CBE Graduate Student Symposium
10/01/2014 Registration opens for third annual meeting for Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership.  Governor Christine Todd Whitman to deliver keynote.  Register and learn more here.
08/01/2014 Alum Stephanie Lee starts faculty position in the Chemical and Materials Science Department at Stevens Institute of Technology after a successful post-doc at NYU.
07/03/2014 The group bids farewell to post-doc Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, who is off to start her independent program as an assistant professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Utah.  Bon Voyage and best wishes, Luisa!
06/18/2014 DPC Toolkit, a user-friendly software to identify unit cell lattice parameters from two-dimensional wide-angle x-ray scattering data, launched!  To download program and user manual, see link.
06/09/2014 The group welcomes summer undergraduates Maggie Cutlip '16 (Lewis intern); Bristee Das '16 and Abby Grosskopf '17 (PEI Interns), and the return of incoming freshman Jeffrey Register '18!
06/02/2014 Senior thesis student Lauren Edelman '14 receives Michelle Goudie '93 Prize for best senior thesis in the area of energy and environment during CBE Class Day ceremony; alum He Wang receives doctoral hood during Graduate School hooding ceremony. Congrats to both!
04/04/2014 Lynn Loo featured in "Five Questions with..."; discusses engineering solutions through meaningful private-academic partnerships
03/05/2014 Luisa Whittaker accepts tenure track position in Chemistry at the University of Utah and is Salt Lake City bound late summer.  Congratulations, Luisa!
03/04/2014 Anna Hiszpanski a finalist for the Frank J. Padden Jr. Award of the Division of Polymers at the American Physical Society Meeting; Anna Hailey's contribution featured in the Science as Art Gallery at the same meeting. 
02/10/2014 Tyler Tamasi '15 joins us for his junior project!
01/15/2014 Petr Khlyabich joins us from USC as a post-doctoral associate.  Welcome!
01/14/2014 Nick Davy, Melda Sezen, and Geoff Purdum pass their first prop defense!  Congrats!


12/8/2013 Anna Hiszpanski selected to participate in the Padden Award Symposium; winner to be determined at the 2014 APS meeting!
09/24/2013 He Wang successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations Dr. Wang and good luck with your post-doctoral position at UC Berkeley!
08/25/2013 Group alumni Jongbok Kim and Eleni Pavlopoulou to assume assistant professorships at Kumoh National Institute of Technology in Korea and University of Bordeaux in France, respectively.  Congratulations Jongbok and Eleni!
08/14/2013 Keith Gallow successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations Dr. Gallow and good luck with your move to Clinton NJ!
07/05/2013 Lynn to speak at symposium welcoming the Solar Impulse to New York City on July 12. For a chance to see the Solar Impulse, register here.
06/22/2013  Anna Hiszpanski awarded Gordon Wu Fellowship!
05/20/2013 Luisa Whittaker selected for a L'Oreal Women in Science Fellowship - heartiest congratulations!
05/06/2013 Jessica Saylors successfully defended her senior thesis! Congrats, Jessi!
04/03/2013 Geoff Purdum awarded an NDSEG Fellowship!  Congrats!
02/14/2013 Lynn to deliver President's Lecture on February 19.
01/11/2013 First-years Nicholas Davy, Geoff Purdum, and Melda Sezen join the group.  Welcome!
01/11/2013 Anna Hailey passes her first prop defense - congrats!


Anna Hiszpanski featured on PRISM's newsletter!


11/14/2012 Our wrinkles and folds work is featured in Princeton Alumni Weekly.
11/12/2012 Lynn Loo named APS Fellow.
10/31/2012 Lynn Loo receives MESD's Owens Corning Award at the AIChE.
10/08/2012 Jeff Mativetsky's review on organic solar cells appears on cover of AIChE Journal.
09/28/2012 Jacob Tarver successfully defends his thesis! Congratulations Dr. Tarver!
06/26/2012 Jia Gao was selected to receive a Rubicon Fellowship from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.  Congratulations, Jia!
06/04/2012 Double congrats are in order: He Wang named recipient of the 2012 Newport Graduate Award for Photonics and Leo Shaw '13 named recipient of the Michelle Goudie '93 Senior Thesis Award from CBE and the FEI Materials Characterization Award from SEAS!
06/01/2012 Solar cell efficiency boosted by Wrinkles and Folds; writeup in Physics World.
06/01/2012 Jong Bok's Wrinkles and Folds work highlighted in Nature Photonics News and Views.
05/30/2012 Professional Research Specialist position now available in our labs!  For details, see HR website.
05/08/2012 Steph's work guiding crystallization in thin films around bends and corners featured on nanowerk.
04/27/2012 Jong Bok's work with wrinkles and folds in solar cells featured on EurekAlert.
04/24/2012 Steph Lee successfully defends her thesis! Congratulations Dr. Lee!
04/23/2012 Group members featured in Princeton Engineering video.
04/23/2012 Jong Bok's article Wrinkles and Deep Folds as Photonic Structures in Photovoltaics published in Nature Photonics.
04/12/2012 Steph Lee's article “Orientation-Independent Charge Transport in Single Spherulites from Solution-Processed Organic Semiconductors" featured on the cover of the March 28, 2012 JACS.
03/30/2012 Anna Hailey selected as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow -- congrats Anna!
03/16/2012 Princeton highlights our high-temperature flexible transistor work with Takao Someya!
03/06/2012 Lynn selected by the World Economic Forum as a 2012 Young Global Leader -- watch her speak!. Congratulations Lynn!
03/06/2012 Our collaboration with Takao Someya on high thermal stability organic transistors published in Nature Communications.
01/12/2012 Anna Hailey and Dr. Jia Gao join the group -- welcome Anna and Jia!


12/02/2011 Luisa wins Gold Prize in the MRS student presentation section AND second prize in MRS's Science as Art competition for her electron microscope image! Kudos Luisa!
11/09/2011 Micrographs from Luisa, Anna, and Jessi selected to be on display in this year's Art of Science exhibit -- congratulations everyone!
10/17/2011 Jessi selected to receive second prize in the undergraduate poster session of this year's AIChE meeting! Congrats Jessi!
09/27/2011 Jessi receives the Siebel Energy Challenge Fund! Congrats Jessi!
09/08/2011 Jongbok promoted to Associate Research Scholar. Congrats Jongbok!
08/16/2011 Stephanie featured in Summer 2011 issue of E-Quad News and on SEAS webpage.
07/26/2011 Watch Lynn describe the field of plastic electronics -- and our contributions to it!.
07/01/2011 NSF highlights our research regarding enhancing the performance of conductive polymers!.
07/01/2011 Lynn promoted to Full Professor; appointed Deputy Director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.
06/20/2011 Luisa Whittaker joins the group -- welcome Luisa!
05/02/2011 Roger passes his senior thesis defense! Congrats Roger!
04/16/2011 Anna receives a National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship! Congrats Anna!
03/30/2011 Steph, Keith, and Jacob receive Schowalter Travel Grants to attend the 2011 APS March Meeting!
03/03/2011 MRS's "Materials For Energy" blog describes our efforts to correlate the active layer's crystallinty in organic solar cells with device performance!
02/20/2011 Our recent work investigating the relationship between active layer structure and output current of organic solar cells highlighted by the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource's Science Summary!
01/28/2011 Jacob begins collaborations at NIST's Gaithersburg campus as part of his NIST-ARRA graduate fellow! Good luck Jacob!


12/17/2010 Anna successfully defends her first proposition! Congrats Anna!
12/07/2010 Our organic electronic research highlighted at the recent Celebrate Princeton Invention event!
12/02/2010 Princeton University’s Siebel Energy Grand Challenge Program will be supporting two Princeton undergraduate summer interns to help us conduct solar cell research! The projects are entitled "Assembly of Nanomaterials for Organic Solar Cells" and "The Effect of Polymer Crystallinity in Polymer-Small Molecule Organic Photovoltaics" -- those interested should apply before January 25, 2010!
12/02/2010 Jacob selected as NIST-ARRA graduate fellow! Congrats Jacob!
10/13/2010 Princeton press release highlights "Plastic Electronics", a film short by Volger Steger describing our group's research!
09/23/2010 Anna receives first prize in poster competition at Rutger's IGERT meeting!
09/21/2010 Lynn invited to 2010 Summer Davos to discuss our progress in plastic electronics!!
08/12/2010 Watch Keith describe polymers at Princeton's 2010 Science and Engineering Expo!
07/08/2010 Our method of producing highly conducting polymers featured in Miller-McCune
06/21/2010 Anna receives an NSF-sponsored IGERT fellowship in Nanotechnology for Clean Energy! Congrats Anna!
06/15/2010 Our plastic transistors are highlighted by MSNBC in a feature on Princeton's Art of Science!
05/21/2010 Der Spiegel highlights Princeton's Art of Science collection featuring our all-plastic transistors!
05/20/2010 Our work on enhancing conductivity discussed in AIChE's Chemical Engineering Progress!
04/18/2010 Lynn discusses plastic electronics with Princeton's WPRB radio station -- check it out!
04/14/2010 Wei has accepted an offer to join the downstream division of ExxonMobil -- congrats Wei!
04/12/2010 European Plastics News details our conducting polymers breakthrough
04/09/2010 The cost-cutting advantages of our conducting polymers described in Plastics & Rubbers Weekly
04/08/2010 +Plastic Electronics, InstalBiz, and cover our recent advances in processing conducting polymers
04/07/2010 Our work featured in The Daily Texan: Innovative plastics promise to better medicine, energy
04/06/2010 Futurity, United Press International, Rapid Electronics, and EE Times highlight our method for enhancing conductivity in conducting polymers
04/05/2010 DailyTech and TheEnergyCollective describe our recent advances regarding conducting polymers
04/03/2010 Our work on highly conducting polymers covered in SifyNews
04/02/2010 Science Daily, Nanowerk, and Green.Blorge feature our recent conducting polymer work
04/02/2010 Our paper describing post-processing enhancement of conducting polymers selected as Editor's Choice in Science: "The Power of Annealing"
04/01/2010 DesignNews highlights our work on conducting polymers in plastic electronics
03/30/2010 Our recent paper on conducting polymers highlighted in Physorg, Gizmag, and NSF's News From the Field
03/30/2010 Princeton press release features our recent paper on highly conducting polymers -- "Plastic electronics could slash the cost of solar panels"
03/24/2010 Our paper on improving the conductivity of conducting polymers highlighted by PNAS Early News
01/07/2010 Anna Hiszpanski joins the group -- welcome Anna!


12/10/2009 Nathalie Pinkerton is co-organizer of “Imagine: a Sustainable World” to take place on Feb 12, 2010. The conference is sponsored by Princeton’s Office of Sustainability and the High Meadows Fund.
12/08/2009 Jacob Tarver selected as a finalist to compete for DPOLY’s Frank J. Padden Award at the upcoming APS meeting!
12/02/2009 Princeton University’s Siebel Energy Grand Challenge Program will be supporting a Princeton undergraduate summer intern to conduct solar cell research in our group! Those interested should apply before January 25, 2010 at
10/01/2009 Lynn is named as the recipient of the 2010 John H. Dillon Medal of the American Physical Society.
09/16/2009 Stephanie's paper on controlling the grain size of TES ADT has been selected as the back cover of this months Advanced Materials issue! Congrats Steph!
06/01/2009 Kate and Joline are selected for the Ticona Award for Outstanding Senior Thesis and Sigma Xi Book Prize, respectively! Congrats Kate and Joline!
05/14/2009 Chang Su's paper on transient photovoltaic behavior in inverted organic solar cells identified in APL's Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles for the month of March!
05/07/2009 Joline is selected as one of seven finalists at the Undergraduate Research Symposium -- great work Joline!
04/27/2009 Joung Eun defends her thesis -- congratulations, Dr. Yoo!
04/10/2009 Nathalie receives the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Congrats Nathalie!
03/30/2009 Stephanie and Nathalie receive National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships! Way to go Steph and Nathalie!
03/29/2009 Stephanie's paper on controlling nucleation and crystallization in solution processed organic semiconductors is accepted for publication! Well done Steph!
03/13/2009 Joung Eun's paper on polymer conductivity through particle connectivity is accepted for publication! Congrats, Joung Eun!
03/04/2009 Kate is selected to receive the Rudlin Senior Thesis fund! Congrats, Kate!
02/24/2009 Chang Su's papers on the thermodynamics of phase separation and transient photovoltaic behavior in inverted organic solar cells are accepted for publication -- well done, Chang Su!
02/05/2009 He Wang passes her generals and joins the group -- congrats and welcome He!
01/20/2009 Keith passes his first prop -- congrats, Keith!
01/14/2009 Stephanie passes her first prop -- congrats, Steph!
01/08/2009 Nathalie Pinkerton joins the group -- welcome!


11/21/2008 Lynn receives a Dreyfus Research Award in Environmental Chemistry from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation.
10/28/2008 Kate and Joline are awarded the Lidow Senior Thesis Fund! Congrats Kate and Joline!
10/14/2008 Jacob wins award for Best Graduate Student Poster at the Society of Plastic Engineer's "New Approaches in Polymer Characterization" conference.
09/12/2008 Dr. Jongbok Kim joins the group -- welcome!
08/13/2008 Tracy defends her thesis -- congrats, Dr. Bucholz!
09/12/2008 Kate Barteau joins the group -- welcome!
08/13/2008 Tracy defends her thesis -- congrats, Dr. Bucholz!
08/08/2008 Lynn and Iain McCulloch featured as guest editors in the July 2008 issue of MRS Bulletin discussing the commercialization of organic electronics.
07/25/2008 Joline Fan joins the group -- welcome!
06/16/2008 Dr. Wei Tang joins the group -- welcome!
06/02/2008 Joung Eun is awarded the Edith and Martin B. Stein Solar Energy Innovation Award -- congrats, Joung Eun!
05/01/2008 Kate defends her undergraduate thesis -- congrats, Ms. Collier!
04/18/2008 Kyle defends his thesis -- congrats, Dr. Guice!
03/05/2008 Dmitry defends his thesis -- congrats, Dr. Krapchetov!
02/19/2008 Lynn selected as a Sloan Research Fellow in Chemistry.
02/07/2008 Tracy and Sally’s paper on low-k materials from fluorinated block copolymers featured on cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry.
02/07/2008 Joung Eun is awarded the Schowalter Travel Award -- congrats, Joung Eun!
01/24/2008 Jacob passes his first prop -- congrats, Jacob!
01/24/2008 Dr. Enrique Gomez joins the group -- welcome!
01/17/2008 Keith Gallow and Stephanie Lee join the group -- welcome!


12/17/2007 Dr. Chang Su Kim joins the group -- welcome!
11/01/2007 Kate receives the Lidow Senior Thesis Fund -- congrats, Kate!
10/15/2007 Kwang defends his thesis -- congrats, Dr. Lee!
10/09/2007 Dmitry's paper on deprotecting Terphenyldithiol for assembly on GaAs accepted at Langmuir.
10/09/2007 Kyle's paper on thermoreversible phase transformations in concentrated PMA-PHD block copolymer solutions accepted at Macromolecules.
09/11/2007 Lynn to present Thiele Lecture in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at University of Notre Dame this fall.
08/27/2007 Kim's paper on TES ADT weak crystals accepted at Chemistry of Materials.
08/10/2007 Group moves to the Chemical Engineering Department at Princeton University.
05/21/2007 Lynn featured in Chemical Engineering Progress.
04/20/2007 Joung Eun's paper highlighted by Science editor.
04/09/2007 "Plastic with changeable conductivity developed by chemical engineer," College of Engineering Press Release
03/26/2007 Jacob receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship -- congrats!
03/20/2007 Joung Eun passes her prelim -- congrats, Joung Eun!
03/15/2007 Carolyn is selected as one of 60 US delegates to the Nobel Laureates meeting in Lindau, Germany, July 2007.
01/22/2007 Kim defends her thesis -- congrats, Dr. Dickey!
01/19/2007 Brian and Jacob pass the qualifying exams -- congrats, Brian and Jacob!
01/12/2007 Tracy Bucholz wins award for Best Graduate Student Poster at the Gordon Research Conference, Polymers (West)


11/17/2006 Read about Raymond's paper on reactivity ratios of HEMA and DMAEMA in Macromolecules.
10/16/2006 Read about Dmitry's paper on chemical identification and orientation of quaterphenyldithiol on GaAs in Langmuir.
10/11/2006 Brian Goodfellow and Jacob Tarver join the group -- Welcome!
10/01/2006 Read about Kwang's paper on characterization of pentacene-polyaniline interfaces in Advanced Functional Materials.
08/31/2006 Maria Linuwih joins the group -- Welcome!
08/31/2006 Tracy passes her prelim -- congrats, Tracy!
08/03/2006 Read about Tracy's paper on semifluorinated block copolymers in Macromolecules.
07/06/2006 Kim's paper on solvent vapor annealing featured on the cover of Advanced Materials.
06/22/2006 Reken receives FEUR Fellowship from College of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin.
06/15/2006 Lynn receives the Allan P. Colburn Award from AIChE.
04/24/2006 Kwang's paper on structural characterization of pentacene thin-film transistors is accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.
04/20/2006 ARP proposal for studying solution-processable organic semiconductors funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
04/03/2006 Kyle passes his prelim -- congrats, Kyle!
02/28/2006 Se Hoon Chang receives Intel Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congrats, Shawn!
02/24/2006 Read about Kyle's paper on heterogeneous ATRP polymerization of HEMA and DMAEMA copolymers in Macromolecules.
02/2006 Featured in "Nanotechnology – a Giant Leap for Science" by Linda Williams, a Newsbridge publication for middle school children (ISBN 1-4007-4585-3)
01/19/2006 Reken passes his qualifying exams -- congrats, Reken!
01/14/2006 Interview with Russ Capper on “The Business Maker Radio Show,” Houston 97.5-FM
01/12/2006 Lynn selected as one of ten 2006 Emerging Scholars by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.
01/06/2006 State Academy Tips Its Cap to Biochemist,” Dallas Morning News
01/05/2006 Lynn receives inaugural O’Donnell Award in Engineering from Texas Academy.
01/05/2006 TAMEST Awards,” Houston Public Radio, 88.7-FM
01/05/2006 Texas Academy Honors Loo as Outstanding Young Investigator,” College of Engineering Press Release


12/02/2005 Information on the APS DPOLY Short Course on “Polymers in Existing and Emerging Patterning Technologies”, March 11-12, 2006
11/14/2005 Kwang passes his prelim -- congrats!
10/17/2005 Raymond Teoh receives an Undergraduate Research Fellowship -- congrats Raymond!
10/06/2005 Post-doctoral associate opening.
09/29/2005 Reken Patel joins the group -- welcome!
09/29/2005 Se Hoon Chang joins the group -- welcome!
06/04/2005 Kyle and Joung Eun passed their qualifiers -- congrats!
05/23/2005 Read about Quinn's polymerization of MPDO in Macromolecules.
05/17/2005 Read about Dmitry's assembly of dithiols in Langmuir.
05/11/2005 Lynn Loo in ISA InTech.
05/06/2005 James presents his poster at the Undergraduate Poster Competition.
04/22/2005 Kyle presents at NanoNight 2005.
04/05/2005 Dmitry passes his prelim exam -- congrats!
03/28/2005 Rishi joins the group -- welcome!
03/27/2005 Lynn Loo receives 2005 Beckman Young Investigator Award.
03/04/2005 Alejandro Acuna receives an Undergraduate Research Fellowship -- congrats Alejandro!
02/25/2005 Watch Lynn Loo discuss polymer electronics for Take 5, a UT faculty lecture series.
02/19/2005 Read about Kwang's patterning of polyaniline in Applied Physics Letters.
02/02/2005 Alejandro joins the group -- welcome!
01/12/2005 Our work featured on UT's Research Site.
01/03/2005 Sally joins the group -- welcome!


12/08/2004 Kim passes her prelim -- congratulations, Kim!!
11/30/2004 Read about our research in The Daily Texan.
11/17/2004 Read about our writeup in L'agefi.
10/20/2004 Read about Kim's copper patterning in Applied Physics Letters.
10/11/2004 James Norman receives an Undergraduate Research Fellowship -- congrats James!
10/10/2004 "Plastic Chips: Will Plastic Valley Dethrone Silicon Valley?"-- L'agefi, Lausanne, Switzerland
Original write-up in French
Translated into English by Richard Register
09/29/2004 New additions to our group -- welcome Kyle and Joung Eun!
09/20/2004 Lynn Loo named to the 2004 TR100 by MIT's Technology Review.
09/17/2004 "Chemical Engineering Professor Makes List of World's Top Young Innovators" -- College of Engineering Press Release
09/08/2004 Lynn Loo selected as one of 100 engineers to attend the NAE-sponsored Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.
08/16/2004 Solid-state electronics summer school.
07/19/2004 Kim Felmet wins one of three book awards for her poster contribution at Nanonight '04. Congratulations, Kim!
07/05/2004 Miriam Kalk, a high school student from Westwood High joins the group for the summer. Welcome, Miriam!
06/21/2004 Kim Felmet and Kwangseok Lee present posters at the 62nd Device Research Conference.
04/30/2004 Shannon Mitchell wins Undergraduate Research Poster Competition. Congratulations Shannon!
04/23/2004 Dmitry Krapchetov and Kwangseok Lee present posters at Nanonight '04.
04/15/2004 James Norman, a Chemical Engineering undergraduate joins the group. James will be carrying out chemical and physical characterization of conductive polyaniline. Welcome, James!
04/06/2004 Shannon Mitchell was named a College of Engineering Distinguished Scholar while Fawad was named a College Scholar.
03/02/2004 Shannon Mitchell was selected to receive an Undergraduate Research Fellowship for her work on processing-structure-property relationships of organic semiconductors. Congratulations, Shannon!
02/02/2004 "Chemical Engineering Professor Receives Grant to Support Microelectronics Research" -- College of Engineering Press Release
02/01/2004 Amado Guloy, a sophomore in Chemistry joins our group. Amado will be investigating the polymerization and degradation kinetics of cyclic ketene acetal monomers. Welcome, Amado!
01/30/2004 Dmitry Krapchetov and Tracy Bucholz pass the Chemical Engineering qualifiers -- congrats Dmitry and Tracy!!
01/23/2004 "$800,000 to Fund UT Plastics Research" -- Austin Business Journal on Keck support to establish an organic cleanroom facility on campus
01/10/2004 Prof. Loo receives an NSF CAREER Development Award! See university press release.
01/05/2004 Keck proposal for setting up an organic electronics cleanroom in the Center for Nano and Molecular Science and Technology (CNM) funded! See university press release.


12/14/2003 Holiday brunch at Fonda San Miguel
10/2003 Prof. Loo named one of seven recipeints of the 2003 DuPont Young Professor Grant!
08/21/2003 DuPont Photomasks, Inc. visit. Thanks Franklin for an awesome tour!!
11/13/2003 Tracy Bucholz, a Chemical Engineering graduate student joins our group. Tracy is one of four Harrington Fellows across all graduate discipline at UT this year and recently received a Department of Homeland Security Fellowship. Congratulations and welcome, Tracy!
06/19/2003 Happy Hour at Trudy's
05/2003 Dmitry Krapchetov, a Chemical Engineering graduate student joins our group. Welcome, Dmitry!
04/2003 Shannon Mitchell (ChE '05) and Sham Hassan (EECS '04) are named a Distinguished Scholar and a College Scholar in the College of Engineering, respectively -- congratulations!!
01/23/2003 Hot off the Press” -- Nature Material Update highlights our article in Appl. Phys. Lett. on thermal laser ablative printing of a large array of organic transistors on plastic
01/06/2003 Soft and Pliable Electronics” -- Chemical & Engineering News features our work on nanotransfer printing
01/05/2003 “Texas Program Hopes to Fuse Nano and Manufacturing” -- Nanoelectronics Planet interviews Prof. Lynn Loo about the Integrated Nanomanufacturing Technologies Program at UT
01/01/2003 Kwangseok Lee, a Materials Science graduate student joins our group. Welcome, Kwang!


10/2002 “Flexible Circuits by Lamination” -- Materials Today highlights our article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA on our lamination technique for producing water-proof circuits with improved bendability; an image of our laminated circuit was selected to be on the inner cover of Materials Today
09/21/2002 “Stamps and Glue Make Circuits” -- Technology Research News highlights our article in Applied Physics Letters on nanotransfer printing
09/2002 Kimberly Felmet, a Chemical Engineering graduate student joins our group. Welcome, Kim!
08/01/2002 Nanoscale Technique Prints Metal Films with Reusable Stamps and Tailored Surface Chemistry” -- Materials Research Society Bulletin highlights our research in contact printing with nanoscale resolution
07/28/2002 Prof. Lynn Loo is one of this year’s 11 recipients of the Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award
07/15/2002 Stamping Out Structures” -- Nature Materials Update highlights our transfer printing technique that exploits interfacial condensation chemistries