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Peer-Reviewed Journal Entries


  • Capillary Effects in Guided Crystallization of Organic Thin Films
    Submitted, February 2015.    
    A.Y. Fang, A.K. Hailey, A. Grosskopf, J.E. Anthony, Y.-L. Loo, M. Haataja
  • Halogenation of a Non-planar Molecular Semiconductor to Tune Energy Levels and Bandgaps for Electron Transport
    Chemistry of Materials, accepted January 2015.    
    A.M. Hiszpanski, J. Saathoff, L. Shaw, H. Wang, L. Kraya, F. Luttich, M. Brady, M. Chabinyc, A. Kahn, P. Clancy, Y.-L. Loo
  • Modulating Core-Core Interactions in Axially-Functionalized Subphthalocyanines Drives Solid-State Self Assembly and Yields Crystallinity and Liquid Crystallinity
    Submitted January 2015.    
    Y. Ren, A.M. Hiszpanski, Y.-L. Loo
  • Electronic Level Alignment in Inverted Organometal Perovskite Solar Cells
    Submitted December 2014.    
    P. Schulz, L. Whittaker-Brooks, B. MacLeod, D. Olson, Y.-L. Loo, A. Kahn
  • Bi2S3 Nanowire Networks as Electron Acceptor Layers in Solution-Processed Hybrid Solar Cells
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, accepted January 2015.    
    L. Whittaker-Brooks, J. Gao, A.K. Hailey, C. Thomas, N. Yao, Y.-L. Loo
  • Temperature Dependent Electrical Transport in Polymer-Sorted Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Networks
    Advanced Functional Materials, 25, 105, 2015.     
    J. Gao, Y.-L. Loo 
















Book Chapters

  • Polyanilines
    Conjugated Polymers: A Practical Guide to Synthesis, K. Mullen, J. Reynolds, T. Masuda Eds., RSC Polymer Chemistry Series, 2013.
    J. Tarver, Y.-L. Loo
  • Morphological Control of Solution-Processed Thin Films in Organic Electronics
    Molecular & Organic Devices, D.K. Aswal Ed., Nova Science, 2009.
    E.D. Gomez, S. Lee, C.S. Kim, Y.-L. Loo
  • Organic Electronic Devices with Water-Dispersible Conducting Polymers
    Comprehensive Nanoscience & Technology, J.A. Rogers Ed., Elsevier, 2009.
    J. Tarver, J.E. Yoo, Y.-L. Loo
  • Soft Lithography
    Organic Field-Effect Transistors, Z. Bao and J. Locklin Eds., CRC Press, 2006.
    K.C. Dickey, K.S. Lee, Y.-L. Loo
  • Templated Crystal Growth on a Nanoscale Using Phase Separated Block Copolymers
    The Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Marcel Drekker, Inc., New York, 2004.
    Y.-L. Loo 
  • Crystallization in Block Copolymers
    Developments in Block Copolymer Science and Technology
    , I. Hamley ed. John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., London, 2004.
    Y.-L. Loo, and R.A. Register


  • Crystalline Form of N,N'-Bis(heptafluorobutyl)-2,6-Dichloro-1,4,5,8-Naphthalene Tetracarboxylic Diimide and the Use Thereof
    US Provisional Patent 61/894,453
    G.E. Purdum, Y.-L. Loo, T. Weitz
  • Incorporation of Wrinkles and Folds to Enhance Efficiency and Bendability of Plastic Solar Cells and the Method to Create Such Structures
    US Provisional Patent 61/479,794
    J.B. Kim, P. Kim, H.A. Stone, N. Pegard, J.W. Fleischer, Y.-L. Loo
  • Lamination as a Modular Approach for Building Organic Photosensitive Devices
    US Patent Application 13/083,220
    Y.-L. Loo, J.B. Kim
  • Water-Dispersible Polyaniline Films Capable of Undergoing Stable and Reversible Polyelectrochromic Transitions
    US Patent 8,248,681
    Y.-L. Loo, J.E. Yoo, J. Tarver
  • Post-Processing Treatment of Conductive Polymers to Enhance Electrical Conductivity
    US Patent 8,093,098
    Y.-L. Loo, J.E. Yoo, K.S. Lee
  • Electron Conducting Crosslinked Polyaniline-based Redox Hydrogel
    US Patent 8,080,835; licensed by Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
    A. Heller, N. Mano, Y.-L. Loo
  • Forming Electrical Contacts to Molecular Layers
    US Patent 7,229,847
    J.W.P. Hsu, Y.-L. Loo, J.A. Rogers
  • Forming Nanoscale Patterned Thin Film Metal Layers
    US Patent 6,946,332
    Y.-L. Loo and J.A. Rogers
  • Materials Processing for Thin Film Transistors with Organic Semiconductors
    US Patent 6,596,569
    Z. Bao, P.K. Ho, Y.-L. Loo, J.A. Rogers, T. Someya