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Peer-Reviewed Journal Entries


  • The Role of Aromatic Fluorination in Polymorphism
    A.M. Hiszpanski, A. Woll, B.J. Kim, C. Nuckolls, Y.-L. Loo
  • Tuning the Magnitude and the Polarity of Polyaniline’s Piezoresistive Response through Structural Control
    M. Sezen-Edmonds, P.P. Khlyabich, Y.-L. Loo
  • Symbiotic Pairing of Near-Ultraviolet Solar Cells with Electrochromic Windows for Management of Light and Heat in Emerging Architectural Applications
    N.C. Davy, M.S. Sezen, J. Gao, X. Lin, A. Liu, A. Kahn, Y.-L. Loo
  • Polar Materials-Modulated Electroluminescence Devices
    X. Xu, D. Hu, L. Yan, C. Shen, Y.-L. Loo, O. Goto, Y. Lin, H. Meng, W. Huang
  • Pyridalthiadiazole Acceptor-Functionalized Triarylboranes with Switchable, Muti-Responsive Optoelectronic Characteristics
    X. Yin, K. Liu, Y. Ren, R.A. Lalancette, Y.-L. Loo, F. Jaekle
  • Understanding the Crystal Packing and Organic Thin-Film Transistor Performance in Isomeric Guest-Host Systems
    Advanced Materials, accepted 2017.     
    A.K. Hailey, A.J. Petty II, J. Washbourne, K.J. Thorley, S.R. Parkin, J.E. Anthony, Y.-L. Loo
  • Band-like Charge Photogeneration in Organic Solar Cells
    Energy and Environmental Science, accepted 2017.     
    M.A. Fusella, A.N. Bergeman, M. Welborn, G.E. Purdum, R.D. Schaller, Y.H.L. Lin, R.A. Kerner, Y.-L. Loo, T.V. Voorhis, N.C. Giebink, B.P. Rand
  • Dynamic Elasto-plastic Mechanical Properties of Lead Halide Perovksite Single Crystals are Independent of A-Site Cation Chemistry
    Advanced Materials, accepted 2017.     
    M.A. Reyes-Martinez, A.L. Abdelhady, M.I. Saidaminov, D.Y. Chung, O.M. Bakr, M.G. Kanatzidis, W.O. Soboyejo, Y.-L. Loo
  • Shape Complementarity as a Tool to Bind and Sort Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    Chemistry of Materials, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b04018.     
    J. Gao, N. Sengar, Y. Wu, S. Jokusch, C. Nuckolls, P. Clancy, Y.-L. Loo
  • Mayer Bond Order as a Metric of Complexation Effectiveness in Lead Halide Perovskite Precursor Solutions
    Chemistry of Materials, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b04327.     
    J.M. Stevenson, B. Sorenson, V.H. Subramaniam, J. Raiford, P.P. Khlyabich, Y.-L. Loo, P. Clancy


















Book Chapters

  • Polyanilines
    Conjugated Polymers: A Practical Guide to Synthesis, K. Mullen, J. Reynolds, T. Masuda Eds., RSC Polymer Chemistry Series, 2013.
    J. Tarver, Y.-L. Loo
  • Morphological Control of Solution-Processed Thin Films in Organic Electronics
    Molecular & Organic Devices, D.K. Aswal Ed., Nova Science, 2009.
    E.D. Gomez, S. Lee, C.S. Kim, Y.-L. Loo
  • Organic Electronic Devices with Water-Dispersible Conducting Polymers
    Comprehensive Nanoscience & Technology, J.A. Rogers Ed., Elsevier, 2009.
    J. Tarver, J.E. Yoo, Y.-L. Loo
  • Soft Lithography
    Organic Field-Effect Transistors, Z. Bao and J. Locklin Eds., CRC Press, 2006.
    K.C. Dickey, K.S. Lee, Y.-L. Loo
  • Templated Crystal Growth on a Nanoscale Using Phase Separated Block Copolymers
    The Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Marcel Drekker, Inc., New York, 2004.
    Y.-L. Loo 
  • Crystallization in Block Copolymers
    Developments in Block Copolymer Science and Technology
    , I. Hamley ed. John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., London, 2004.
    Y.-L. Loo, and R.A. Register


  • Use of Ultra-Violet Absorbing Materials as the Active Constituents in a Single-Junction Organic Solar Cell that Produces an Open-Circuit Voltage Above 1.4V
    US Provisional Patent Application 16-3213-1
    N.C. Davy, M. Sezen, Y.-L. Loo
  • Crystalline Form of N,N'-Bis(heptafluorobutyl)-2,6-Dichloro-1,4,5,8-Naphthalene Tetracarboxylic Diimide and the Use Thereof
    US Provisional Patent 61/894,453; European Patent Application 13193704.7-1462
    G.E. Purdum, Y.-L. Loo, T. Weitz
  • Incorporation of Wrinkles and Folds to Enhance Efficiency and Bendability of Plastic Solar Cells and the Method to Create Such Structures
    US Patent Application 14/214,564
    J.B. Kim, P. Kim, H.A. Stone, N. Pegard, J.W. Fleischer, Y.-L. Loo
  • Lamination as a Modular Approach for Building Organic Photosensitive Devices
    US Patent 9,040,318.
    Y.-L. Loo, J.B. Kim
  • Water-Dispersible Polyaniline Films Capable of Undergoing Stable and Reversible Polyelectrochromic Transitions
    US Patent 8,248,681
    Y.-L. Loo, J.E. Yoo, J. Tarver
  • Post-Processing Treatment of Conductive Polymers to Enhance Electrical Conductivity
    US Patent 8,093,098
    Y.-L. Loo, J.E. Yoo, K.S. Lee
  • Electron Conducting Crosslinked Polyaniline-based Redox Hydrogel
    US Patent 8,080,835; licensed by Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
    A. Heller, N. Mano, Y.-L. Loo
  • Forming Electrical Contacts to Molecular Layers
    US Patent 7,229,847
    J.W.P. Hsu, Y.-L. Loo, J.A. Rogers
  • Forming Nanoscale Patterned Thin Film Metal Layers
    US Patent 6,946,332
    Y.-L. Loo and J.A. Rogers
  • Materials Processing for Thin Film Transistors with Organic Semiconductors
    US Patent 6,596,569
    Z. Bao, P.K. Ho, Y.-L. Loo, J.A. Rogers, T. Someya