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Journal articles {reverse chronological order}

Axial dispersion of Brownian colloids in microfluidic channels
M. P. Howard, A. Gautam, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, and A. Nikoubashman; Phys. Rev. Fluids 1: 044203, 20 pp (2016).
Activity coefficients and solubilities for the NaCl/ε force field
H. Jiang and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; J. Chem. Phys. 145: 046101, 2 pp (2016).
H. Chen, J. R. Cox, H. Ow, R. Shi, and A. Z Panagiotopoulos; Scientific Reports 6: 28553 (2016).
P. Gallo, K. Amann-Winkel, C. A. Angell, M. A. Anisimov, F. Caupin, C. Chakravarty, E. Lascaris, T. Loerting, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, J. Russo, J. A. Sellberg, H. E. Stanley, H. Tanaka, C. Vega, L. Xu, and L. G. M. Pettersson; Chem. Rev. 116: 7463-7500 (2016).
H. Chen, J. R. Cox, and A. Z Panagiotopoulos; J. Phys. Chem. B 120: 5203-8 (2016).
N. A. Mahynski, L. Rovigatti, C. N. Likos, and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; ACS Nano 10: 5449-67 (2016).
Metastability and no criticality: reply
J. C. Palmer, F. Martelli, Y. Liu, R. Car, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, and P. G. Debenedetti; Nature 531 E2-E3 (2016).
Efficient neighbor list calculation for molecular simulation of colloidal systems using graphics processing units
M. P. Howard, J. A. Anderson, A. Nikoubashman, S. C. Glotzer, and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; Comp. Phys. Comm. 202: 45-52 (2016).
H. Jiang, O. A. Moultos, I. G. Economou and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; J. Phys. Chem. B 120: 984-994 (2016).
Determination of the critical micelle concentration in simulations of surfactant systems
A. P. Santos and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; J. Chem. Phys. 144: 044709, 10 pp (2016).
Directed assembly of soft colloids through rapid solvent exchange
A. Nikoubashman, V. E. Lee, C. Sosa, R. K. Prud’homme, R. D. Priestley, and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; ACS Nano 10: 1425-33 (2016).
Modeling of CO2 Solubility in Single and Mixed Electrolyte Solutions Using Statistical Associating Fluid Theory
H. Jiang, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos and I. G. Economou; Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 176: 185-97 (2016).
Monte Carlo Simulations of H2O-CaCl2 and H2O-CaCl2-CO2 Mixtures
E. Tsai, H. Jiang, and A. Z. Panagiotopoulos; Fluid Phase Equil. 407: 262-68 (2016).