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June: Lorena Grundy and Hampton Lee join the group as summer interns.  Welcome!

May: Mary publishes a paper in Macromolecules.  Congratulations!

April: Priestley named Associate Director of Princeton Center for Complex Materials

April: Priestley Group participate in Nanodays

March: Priestley Groups gives eight presentation at APS March Meeting in Baltimore, MD 

March: Hyuncheol and Chris both publish papers in Macromolecules.  Congratulations! 

January: We are excited to announce Yucheng Wang will join the group as a new graduate student! Welcome Yucheng!


October: Dr. Mithun Chowdhury joins the group as a new Postdoc, Welcome!

September: Dr. Colin Neikirk successfully defended his thesis, Congratulations!

Dr. Laura Gray joins the group as a new Postdoc, Welcome!

July: Dr. Wenda Wang joins the group as a new Postdoc, Welcome!

May: Dr. Kim Shepard successfully defended her thesis, Congratulations!

April: Kim's research is featured on the Princeton homepage. Story here.

February: Kim was honored with the Jacobus Fellows and other award winners at Princeton's 2015 Alumni Day.

Priestley is now tenured at Princeton University!!

Colin accepts a job offer at Applied Materials in California, congratulations!

January:  Victoria Lee joins the group, co-advised with Bob Prud'Homme. Welcome!

Kim accepts a job offer at Bend Research in Bend, OR, congratulations!

Dane successfully passed his first proposition exam, congratulations!


October:  Steven Wei joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher, welcome!

May:  Kimberly awarded Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship by the Graduate School.

Priestley Named Dreyfuss Teacher-Scholar.

April: Dr. Chuan Zhang successfully defended his dissertation, congratulations!

Priestley awarded Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund with Profs. Arnold, Brangwynne and Register for research on 3D Nano-Rheometer.

March:  Kimberly and Chris delivered oral presentations at the Annual APS March meeting in Denver, CO. Mary and Hyuncheol delivered poster presentations at the same meeting.

February:  Priestley receives Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship in Chemistry. Story here.

Chuan, Chris and Priestley participate on winning Innovation Forum team. Story here.

January:  Congratulations to Mary and Hyuncheol on passing their First Proposition Examinations!

Dane Christie joins the group. Welcome!!


December: Priestley receives 2013 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers! Story here.

October:  Article authored by Rui, Yunlong, Gloria, Fengli and Priestley on Fe3O4 Polydopamine Nanoparticles was among the three most-read articles in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces for the month of September.

Priestley presents at the 12th International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA 2103) in Ischia, Italy
Kimberly wins an Outstanding Presentation Award at COLA 2013
September: Priestley presents the APS DPOLY/UK PPG exchange lecture at the University of Sheffield
Priestley presents an invited talk at Innovation Day at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia
July: Priestley presents an invited talk at 7IDMRCS in Barcelona. Chuan presents a poster.
June: Chuan receives the Wu Prize for Excellence!
Welcome Fengli (visiting professor) and Jenny (REU student) to the lab!
April: Chris Sosa joins the group and will be co-advised by Prof. Prud'homme.
March: Rod presented an invited talk at APS. In addition, Kim and Chuan gave contributed talks at APS.
Chuan selected to speak at Milliken & Co. in Spartanburg, SC
January: Hyuncheol and Mary join the group. Welcome!
Priestley highlighted as an emerging scholar in Diverse magazine




November: Rod gives an invited talk at the annual AIChE meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

June: Priestley and Debenedetti receive seed grant to investigate viscoelastic properties of t hin liquid and glassy films

Kimberly presents her work at the Laser Precision Microfabrication Conference in Washington, DC

Congratulations to Kim. Her first paper as a graduate student is accepted for publication in Applied Physics A

May: Priestley receives the Howard B. Wentz, Jr. Junior Faculty Award from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

March: Kim, Chuan, and Yunlong present their work at APS in Boston, MA

Priestley group makes a cameo in School of Engineering video

February: Jae Woo and Colin publish in Small

Nature Materials article featured in Ars Technica

January: Priestley receives Air Force Young Investigator Award

Nature Materials article selected for a News and Views write up

Yunlong, Chuan, and Jae Woo publish Paper in Nature Materials




December: Chuan publishes a paper in Soft Matter

Congratulations to Kimberly for passing her first proposition exam

November: Jae Woo's work featured in New York Times' "The Art of Science."

Colin and Chuan deliver presenations at the AICHE  meeting in Minneapolis, MN

Lindsey Brown joins group to work on her senior thesis project 

June: Yunlong and Chuan publish in ACS Nano. Congratulations

April: Chuan receives an NDSEG Fellowship! 

Chuan's first manuscript as a a graduate student is accepted in Macromolecules!

Priestley Awarded MRSEC Super SEED Grant to Study P3HT deposition via MAPLE 

March: Chuan and Yunlong give presentations at the APS March meeting in Dallas, TX

January: Priestley wins NSF CAREER Award

Kimberly Dikovics joins the group - WELCOME

Congratulations to Chuan and Colin for passing their first proposition exams




November:  Jae Woo and Yunlong deliver presentations at AICHE in Salt Lake City, UT

July: Christine Pappas Joins the Group! WELCOME

April: Priestley awarded American Chemical Society SEED Project Grant

February: Priestley awarded 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Grant

January: Colin Neikirk & Chuan Zhang join the group as the first two PhD students! 




October: Dr. Jae Woo Chung Joins the Group! WELCOME

September: Dr. Yunlong Guo Joins the Group! WELCOME

August: Priestley awarded MRSEC Super SEED Grant to study the formation of polymer thin films by MAPLE.

May: Priestley awarded American Chemical Society Doctoral New Investigator Award

February: Priestley wins Quadrant Award.