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Atomic Force Microscope


The Digital Instruments Dimension 3000 Atomic Force Microscope is used principally, in our group, to image block copolymer microdomain morphologies in real space using “tapping” mode, although contact mode is also possible.  The vibrating cantilever tip can locate the presence of different domains in a block copolymer sample by the difference in elastic modulus through a phase shift in the frequency of oscillation.  The AFM is capable of scanning images up to 85 μm with offsets having 25 nm precision in both x and y directions, with 512 pixel resolution at a scan rate between 0.1 – 244 Hz.  The tip taps with a drive amplitude up to 20 V and can scan at arbitrary angles (scan angle from 0-359°).  A movable stage (133 x 102 mm) is attached so micrometer precision (0.001 mm) in imaging location on a sample is achieved.