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Anton Paar

Anton Paar Physica MCR-501

The Anton Paar Physica Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR-501) applies a controlled stress (torque) to the sample and measures the strain (rotation). As such, the MCR is particularly well-suited to making measurements at very low deformation rates, which are typically required if the intrinsic response of microstructured materials is desired (higher deformation rates disrupt the microstructure). The MCR can access steady shear rates as low as 10-6 sec-1 and as high as 103 sec-1 and conduct dynamic oscillatory measurements as low as 10-4rad/sec; cone-and-plate, parallel plate and Couette geometries are available, and temperature control can be achieved with a circulating water bath, a Peltier plate, or with an electric plate.