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The MBraun UNIlab glovebox employs a nitrogen atmosphere and is equipped with both oxygen and moisture analyzers, both of which routinely register below 0.1 ppm. The floor of the glovebox contains a well which can be externally cooled with a dry-ice isopropanol bath, and used to run anionic polymerizations in tetrahydrofuran (e.g., for methacrylates).  The glovebox is also equipped with a -20°C freezer for the storage of thermally-sensitive compounds such as polymerization initiators. Attached to the rear of the glovebox is an MBraun Solvent Purifier System, delivering high-purity toluene for ring-opening metathesis polymerizations (ROMP) and for Pd-catalyzed addition polymerizations; all ROMP and Pd-catalyzed polymerizations are run in the glovebox.