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May 2013

Congrats to this year's senior thesis students (Siobhan, Ha-Kyung, Mike, and Andrew) for completing and defending their thesis projects! It was great having having y'all in the lab! Best wishes as you start you post-graduation plans!

April 2013

The group bids farewell to Nicolas Garcia whose research experience with the Register group has unfortunately come to an end. While here Nico worked on thin film work which included perfecting a method to float and collect free-standing polymer thin films. This has allowed for some fascinating work on stacking multiple block copolymer films and examining free standing block copolymer films. Fortunately during his stay, Nico also had some time to travel and see the local sights. Best wishes Nico and we all hope to see you again soon!

Senior thesis student Andrew Stella performs in Folklorico. Well done Andrew!

Its a big month for Bryan and the Register Lab as two papers were published this month in Macromolecules. The first is titled "Regular Mixing Thermodynamics of Hydrogenated Styrene-Isoprene Block-Random Copolymers" and the second "Architecture-Induced Microphase Separation in Nonfrustrated A-B-C Triblock Copolymers".

March 2013

Group members Rick, So Youn, Bryan, Raleigh, and Adam travel to and present at the 2013 American Physical Society March Meeting in Baltimore, MD. Rick presented his and Sheng's work on "Melt and Solid-State Structures of Polydisperse Polyolefin Block Copolymers" as part of the Dillon Medal Symposium. Bryan presented "Phase Behavior of All-Hydrocarbon 'Diblock-Random' Copolymers". Raleigh presented "Orientation of Microdomains in Cylinder-Forming PS-PHMA Thin Films" and "Creating Controlled Thickness Gradients in Polymer Thin Films via Flowcoating". Adam presented his and Sheng's work "Effect of Hydrogenation on the Glass Transition Temperatures of Novel Ring-Opened Polynorbornenes". Last but not least So Youn showed her work "Shear-alignment of Metal-containing Block Copolymer Thin Films for Nanofabrication".

The group participates in the 2nd annual Nanodays event at the Princeton Public Library. The event was spectacularly attended. Rick taught some polymer basics through some excited demos while the rest of the group manned the always popular slime station.

Bryan and Adam publish their work titled "Mixing Thermodynamics of Ternary Block-Random Copolymers COntaining a Polyethylene Block" in Macromolecules.

February 2013

Bryan Beckingham leaves Princeton to begin his post graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley. There he will be working with Rachel Segalman. Best wishes to Bryan as he begins his new adventure!

Congrats to Sheng Li for successfully defending her Ph.D. dissertation, "Structure and Properties of Novel Homopolymers and Block Copolymers Synthesized by Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization or Chain-Shuttling Polymerization"!

January 2013

New Ph.D. student William Mulhearn, from the University of Pennsylvania, joins the group. Welcome Will!

Nicolas Garcia, a Ph.D. student in Physics at the Universidad Nacional Del Sur working with former group member Daniel Vega, joins the group as a visiting researcher. While at Princeton he plans to perfect a technique for creating freestanding block copolymer thin films. Bienvenido Nico!

December 2012

Raleigh Davis and former group member Daniel Vega present at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science seminar "Through the Looking Glass: a Glimpse into the Geometry and Topology of Materials."

October 2012

Qinghua Zhang, a professor and Vice Dean of the College of Materials Science and Engineering at Donghua University, has joined the group as a visiting researcher. Welcome to the group Qinghua!

Raleigh Davis presents a poster at the Chemical and Biological Engineering department's annual Graduate Student Symposium.

September 2012

The Register group welcomes a whopping 4 senior thesis students to the group. Mike Showak and Andrew Stella will be studying how changing the chemical composition of poly(norbornene) affects its crystal structure and related properties. Ha-Kyung Kwon will followup on a very productive summer with the group by making new poly(styrene)-b-poly(ethylhexylmethacrylate) block copolymers. Siobhan Galligan will be using the flowcoater as a high throughput means of studying block copolymer-homopolymer blending in thin films. Welcome to the group seniors!

August 2012

Rick, Raleigh, and Adam make the short trip over to Philadelphia for the 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition.  It was an exciting time as Rick was chosen to be a Class of 2012 ACS Fellow. Congrats Rick! Also, Raleigh presented in the field responsive polymers focus group.

It was a productive month for the group as Sheng and Adam publish their work on poly(phenylnorbornene) from ring-opening metathesis and its hydrogenated derivatives in Macromolecules. In addition, Andy Marencic (*10) publishes his work on orientational order in cylinder-forming block copolymer thin films in Physical Review E.

July 2012

Rick, Bryan, and Raleigh travel to Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts to participate in the 2012 Gordon Research Conference in Polymer Physics.

June 2012

The group hosts the 19th nearly-annual Cohen-Register Polymer Microsymposium. Welcome back to Princeton Cohen group!

The group welcomes two students for the summer! Alyssa Whittington, an undergraduate from Bucknell University (where she is advised by group alumni Kat Wakabayashi) will work as part of the Research Experience for Undergraduates program hosted through the Princeton Center for Complex Materials. Alyssa's work will be on Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization and Living Polymer Coupling. The group also welcomes back Sahana Jayaraman, an incoming member of Princeton's freshmen class. Sahana worked with the group last summer as well as throughout the school year. This summer she will be expanding on her work studying the creation of controlled thickness gradients in polymer thin films via flowcoating.

Sheng publishes on melt and solid-state structures of polydisperse polyolefin multiblock copolymers in Macromolecules.

May 2012

Princeton undergraduate Ha-Kyung Kwon begins her summer work with the Register Group. Ha-Kyung will be studying the synthesis of poly(styrene)-b-poly(ethylhexylmethacrylate) block copolymers. Welcome Ha-Kyung!

April 2012

Group alumna Pratima Rangarajan *95 comes back to Princeton to present "Wind Energy ... the Journey" as part of the Andlinger Center's Highlight Seminar Series.  Welcome back Pratima!

March 2012

The whole group participates in Nanoday in Princeton at the Princeton Public Library. The event was hosted by the Princeton Center for Complex Materials education and outreach program. Approximately 500 people of a variety of ages and backgrounds attended the event.

Rick attends the 2012 American Chemical Society Spring meeting in San Deigo to present in a symposium honoring long time friend Robert E. Cohen who was awarded the 2012 Paul J. Flory Education Award.

Former postdoc, Saswati Pujari, publishes her work on shear alignment of standing lamellae in block copolymer thin films in Macromolecules. In further publication news, Rick publishes an insightful News & Views piece in Nature concerning polydispersity and its effects on self-assembly.

February 2012

Postdoc So Youn Kim joins the group after completing her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne. Welcome to the group So Youn!

Rick travels to the University of Connecticut to give an invited seminar talk.

Rick, Bryan, and Raleigh travel to Boston for the 2012 annual American Physical Society's March Meeting. Rick gave an invited talk at the Dillon Medal Symposium on shear alignment of perpendicular lamellae in block copolymer thin films. Bryan gave a talk on the phase behavior of linear ABC triblock-random copolymers with a semicrystalline endblock as well as a poster on the phase behavior of hydrogenated derivatives of linear ABC block-random copolymers of styrene and isoprene. Raleigh gave his first conference presentation as a graduate student on the effect of thickness on microdomain orientation in shear-aligned, cylinder-forming PS-PHMA thin films.

January 2012

Second year student Raleigh Davis successfully defends his First Prop titled "Shear Alignment of Block Copolymer Thin Films to Produce Well-Ordered Microdomains for Use in Nanofabrication."

The group welcomes a new Ph.D. student, Adam Burns, from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Welcome Adam!!  

Sheng Li moves to Seoul, South Korea where she will study the Korean language, finish writing papers and her thesis, and begin the next phase of her life. Best wishes to Sheng for continued success!

December 2011

Former postdoc Saswati Pujari starts her new position with Dow Chemical’s Wire and Cable Division (Spring House, PA).  Best for continued success!

November 2011

November 1:  Rick, Bryan, and Raleigh present a lecture-demo to over 200 middle school students at PCCM’s annual Materials Science Day on the Princeton Campus.  For more information (and photos), see our Outreach page.

Sheng’s paper (with Sasha Myers *08) on hPN-LPE diblocks captures the cover of the November 22 issue of Macromolecules!  For those with library access, the article on “Solid-State Structure and Crystallization in Double-Crystalline Diblock Copolymers of Linear Polyethylene and Hydrogenated Polynorbornene” can be found here.

The same November 22 issue of Macromolecules carried a second group paper, resulting from a collaboration with Professor Bryan Vogt (now in Polymer Engineering at U. Akron) and using polymers synthesized by John Bishop *11.  For those with library access, “Influence of Chain Stiffness of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Thin Films” can be found here.

October 2011

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN: Saswati spoke on block copolymer thin films, Bryan presented on block-random copolymers and again on semicrystalline triblocks, and Rick presented in the Materials Engineering and Sciences Division Plenary Lecture.  A group+alumni lunch on Monday drew (in addition to Bryan, Saswati, and Rick) Chiajen Lai *99, Lynn Loo *01, John Sebastian *01 (who arranged the lunch), Justin Notestein ’01, Kat Wakabayashi *06, and Sasha Myers *08.  

August 2011

Rick travels to Shanghai to deliver a keynote lecture on "Block Copolymer Thermoplastic Elastomers with Composite Crystalline-Galssy Hard Domains", at the 2011 International Conference on Advanced Fibers and Polymer Materials (ICAFPM 2011), held on the campus of Donghua University. The trip also allowed Rick to reconnect with former postdoc Hongwei Zhang, based in nearby Suzhou, who is currently Technology Manager, Asia for GLS Thermoplastic Alloys.

June 2011

June 1-2: The group travels to MIT for the 18th nearly-annual Cohen-Register Polymer Microsymposium!  Program can be found here.

Jeremie Priest, from Cal State - Northridge, joins the group for summer 2011 as a participant in PCCM's Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, working on "Hot-Stage Ellipsometry of Polymer FIlms". Welcome Jeremie!

May 2011

Bryan’s article on “Synthesis and Phase Behavior of Block-Random Copolymers of Styrene and Hydrogenated Isoprene” appears in Macromolecules.  Those with library access can access the article. 

A new research project on "Synthesis and Properties of Model Thermoswitchable Surfaces" will launch shortly, with support from the Xerox Foundation, to exploit the phase behavior of block copolymers to control surface wettability.

John Bishop *11 receives his Ph.D. degree at Commencement on May 31, and will begin his position as a Research Investigator with DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers (at DuPont's Experimental Station, Wilmington, DE) on August 1.

May 31: Rick presents at the millstone River School's Chemistry Fair. For more information (and photos), see our Outreach page.

April 2011

John Bishop successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, "Structure-Property Relationships in Novel Polymers and Block Copolymers from Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization", on April 21. Congrats, John!

March 2011

Saswati, Bryan (talk and poster), and Sheng all presented at the American Physical Society March Meeting in Dallas, as part of the technical program of the Division of Polymer Physics (March 21-23). Sheng was named a finalist for the Frank J. Padden Award for Excellence in Polymer Physics. The full APS meeting program may be found here.

The entire group participated in the 2011 Science and Engineering Expo held at Princeton University on March 17th, at the Dillon gym site. Photos and information can be found here.

Professor Daniel Vega of the Universidad Nacional del Sur is spending March 2011 in Princeton as part of a collaboration funded by Argentina's CONICET, in partnership with the U.S. National Science Foundation. Welcome Daniel!

In support of the NOVA television program "Making Stuff", which aired in January and February on PBS, the Register Group performed a pair of 40-minute auditorium shows on the Princeton University campu, for middle school students whose teachers are partners in the science education outreach programs of the Princeton Center for Complex Materials. Click here for photos and more information. 

February 2011

Rick delivered the invited kickoff talk at Smart Coatings 2011 (Orlando, FL), on "Block Copolymer Thin Film Coatings: Film Structure, Shear Alignment, and Nanopatterning Applications". 

January 2011

The group welcomes a new Ph. D. student, Raleigh Davis, from North Carolina State University. Welcome Raleigh!!  

December 2010

Andy successfully defended his thesis "Well-Ordered Block Copolymer Thin Films Using Shear-Alignment Techniques ".  Congrats Andy!!  

November 2010

John Bishop’s article on “The crystal-crystal transition in hydrogenated ring-opened polynorbornenes” helps “relaunch” the journal of   Journal of Polymer Science B:   Polymer Physics by appearing in the inaugural issue.   For the article, click here; for information on the relaunch, click here.

Michael Keaton ’11 receives the J. Rich Steers Award from the New York City Post of the Society of American Military Engineers.   Michael was a Stoll Fellow in the lab during summer 2010, working on “Terpolymer Brushes for Substrate Neutralization.”

September 2010

John P. and Andy’s joint article on “Block Copolymer Thin Films with a Continuously Tunable Density of Spherical Microdomains” appears in Macromolecules.   For those with library access, click here.

John Bishop's article in Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, entitled "The crystal-crystal transition in hydrogenated ring-opened polynorbornenes: Tacticity, crystal thickening, and alignment", has been featured on the material science news site Found here.

August 2010

“Polymers!” video from the 2010 Science and Engineering Exposition debuts as the headline story on the Princeton University homepage.   Click here to watch this three-minute video.  

Sheng’s collaboration with McGill University and Dow Chemical researchers on “Rheology and Structure of Molten, Olefin Multiblock Copolymers” appears in Macromolecules.   For those with library access, click here.

John B.’s article on the propagation kinetics of ring-opening metathesis polymerization and their effect on chain microstructure, “Cis/Trans Gradients in Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization”, appears in Polymer.   For those with library access, click here.

Sheng presents at the Fall American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in Boston, MA. Technical Program can be found here.

Andy moves to Texas to begin his work at ExxonMobil.

The group bids farewell to Ramyata and Michael.

July 2010

Video on the summer Materials Science Camp for Teachers debuts on, the National Science Foundation’s public science outreach site.   Rick Register was an instructor at the Camp, and is interviewed in this three-minute video, which is viewable here.

The group welcomes a new postdoctoral associate Saswati Pujari, following her Ph.D. at Northwestern University.

June 2010

John B.’s article describing new “Thermoplastic Elastomers with Composite Crystalline-Glassy Hard Domains and Single-Phase Melts”, obtained by ring-opening metathesis polymerization, appears in Macromolecules.   For those with library access, click here.

U.S. Patent 7,745,528 issues, on “Functional Graphene – Rubber Nanocomposites” (with R. Prud’homme, B. Ozbas, I. Aksay, and D. Adamson).

The group welcomes undergrads Michael Keaton, Princeton, and Ramyata Upmaka, Carnegie Mellon, for summer research.

May 2010

Maria Phillip ’10 completes her senior thesis on “Statistical Terpolymers for Surface Modification”, and joins the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Physical Scientist.   Congratulations, Maria!

Brian Michal ’10 shares the Air Products Award for his senior thesis on “Synthesis and Characterization of Polystyrene-Poly(n-hexylmethacrylate) Diblock Copolymers”, and will begin his Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science at Case Western Reserve University in September.   Congratulations, Brian!

Sheng’s article on “Crystallization in Ordered Polydisperse Polyolefin Diblock Copolymers” appears in Macromolecules.   This research was done collaboratively with Dow Chemical, where a coordinative chain transfer polymerization mechanism was developed to synthesize these novel “photonic polyethylenes”.   For those with library access, click here.

John Bishop begins a postdoctoral position at U. Delaware.

April 2010

Andy has a review article published in the inaugural edition of Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and John P. has a paper published in Journal of Applied Physics. Full references can be found here.

March 2010

Group alumna Lynn Loo *01 receives the John H. Dillon Medal of the Division of Polymer Physics at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society in Portland, OR, where a symposium was held in her honor. Congratulations, Lynn!

Rick presented John Bishop's work at the 239th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in San Francisco, CA. Technical program can be found here.

Rick, Bryan, and Sheng participated in the 2010 Science and Engineering Expo held at Princeton University on March 18th. Photos and information can be found here.

February 2010

The group bids a fond farewell to John Papalia. Best of luck John!

January 2010

Sasha has another paper published in Macromolecules, and Andy has another paper published in Physical Review E. Full references can be found here.