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Judith Waller

Current Position: Technology and Product Development Scientist, Philip Morris International  

Advisors: Prof. R.A. Register and Prof. P.M. Chaikin  
Undergraduate Institution: Oxford University  

M. Eng. (Oxford) Thesis Research: 

My research concerns methods of achieving long range order and alignment in thin films of diblock copolymers. Two main techniques are considered, the first the use of propagating thermal gradients, both oscillating and non-oscillating, to reduce the density of topological defects in cylinder forming diblock copolymers, resulting in long range order over multi-micron length scales. The second technique regards the use of a slow shearing force to align both monolayers and bilayers of cylinder forming diblock copolymers, and bilayers of sphere forming diblock copolymers. The resulting alignment using this technique was on a macroscopic scale, and suggestions as to the reason for this ordering have been proposed.