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May 2016

Yile Gu is awarded the Procter Fellowship, an honorific fellowship, for the 2016-2017 academic year. Congratulations!

January 2016

Dr. Lichao Cai successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations!

Yundi Jiang joins the group, as a jointly-advised student with Professor Kevrekidis. Welcome!

September 2015

Dr. Matthew Girardi successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations!

October 2014

The Sundaresan Group visited the computing center at Princeton, where the group's computing cluster is stored!

September 2013

Greg Rubinstein joins the Sundaresan group. Welcome!

Feburary 2013

Prof. Sundaresan’s course Energy-Water Nexus (CBE 335) profiled on Princeton University Web page. Full article here.

January 2013

Yile Gu and Ankit Kumar join the Sundaresan group.

October 2012

The Sundaresan group presents at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Sankaran Sundaresan:  "Constitutive model for the fluid-particle drag coefficient in filtered two-fluid models for gas-particle flows" (pdf)
  • Sankaran Sundaresan:  "Important length scales in dense gas-particle flows" (pdf)
  • Sankaran Sundaresan:  "Oscillatory behavior in vertical riser flow simulations" (pdf)
  • Sebastian Chialvo:  "A Modified Kinetic Theory Model Bridging Dense and Dilute Regimes of Frictional Granular Flow" (pdf)
  • Kapil Agrawal:  "Filtered Model For Energy Transport in Gas-Solid Flows" (pdf)
  • Matt Girardi:  "Liquid Distribution In Wet Fluidized Beds" (pdf)

Matt Girardi wins First Prize in the Particle Technology Forum Poster Session at AIChE (see above PDF).  Congratulations!

September 2012

Prof. Sundaresan gives a plenary lecture at ISCRE 22 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, entitled "Role of hydrodynamics on chemical reactor performance."  (pdf)

May 2012

Dr. William Holloway successfully defends his thesis.  Congratulations!

April 2012

Shuyan Wang joins the Sundaresan group as a visiting scholar.

February 2012


Professor Sundaresan is acknowledged with an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Princeton Engineering Council (E-Council).  Full article here.

January 2012

Matt Girardi passes his First Proposition.

Lichao Cai passes his First Proposition.

Olivier Bonnefoy joins the Sundaresan group as a visiting professor.

October 2011

Fernando Milioli and Christian Milioli join the Sundaresan group as visiting researchers.

September 2011

Xiaokang Yan joins the Sundaresan group as a visiting student.

June 2011

Dr. Stefan Radl wins the 2nd prize in the prestigious DSM competition in Switzerland.  Congratulations!  See story here.

May 2011

Dr. Yesim Igci successfully defends her thesis.  Congratulations!

Prof. Sundaresan gives a plenary lecture at the CFB10 International Conference on Circulating Fluidized Beds and Fluidized Technology entitiled "Reflections on mathematical models and simulation of gas‐particle flows."  (pdf)

March 2011

Matt Girardi joins the Sundaresan group.

January 2011

Lichao Cai joins the Sundaresan group.

November 2010

Stefan Radl joins the Sundaresan group as a post-doctoral fellow.

Mohammad Reza Kamali joins the Sundaresan group as a visiting student. 

Jurriaan J. J. Gillissen joins the Sundaresan group as a visiting professor.

July 2010

Marco Rotondi joins Sundaresan group as a visiting student.

May 2010

Jin Sun receives lecturer position at the University of Edinburgh.

February 2010

Sebastian Chialvo passes his first proposition

January 2010

Professor Sundaresan delivered Amundson Lecture at University of Houston on January 29, 2010.  To see his presentation click here.

November 2009

Entire group presents work at AIChE conference in Nashville, TN (see presentations below).

Fluid-particle drag in sheared particle configurations (pdf available upon publication)

Fluid-particle drag in inertial, polydisperse gas-solid suspensions (pdf)

Constitutive modeling of slow flows of dense granular assemblies (pdf available upon publication)

Yielding behavior of dense assemblies of frictional particles (pdf available upon publication)

Filtered two-fluid models for fluidized gas-solid suspensions (pdf)

September 2009

Jin Sun and Professor Sundaresan attend Syposium on Mathematical Modelling and Physical Instances of Granular Flows in Calabria, Italy (see presentations below).

A plasticity model with microstructure evolution for dense granular flows (pdf available upon publication)

Yielding of dense assemblies of frictional particles (pdf avialable upon publication)

June 2009

Sundaresan appointed JM Burgers Visiting Professor of Fluid Mechanics at TU Delft. 

April 2009

January 2009

Sebastian Chialvo joins the Sundaresan group.

Bill Holloway passes first proposition defense.