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Research Spotlight

Multiscale Analysis of Morphogen Gradients
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in a Microscopic Model with Asymmetric Autocatalysis and Inhibition
ASTRO-FOLD: Protein Structure Prediction from First Principles
Automated Optimization-based Approach for 3D Characterization of Zeolite Porous Networks
Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquid (CBGTL) Hybrid Energy System
Crosslinking the Core of Nanoparticles with Light
De Novo and Hybrid Modified Protein Identification
De Novo Protein Design
Global Optimization of EPA-Extended Pooling Problems
Hybrid Global Optimization Approach for Efficiently Solving Vehicle Routing Problems
Post-Translational Modification Prediction
Supply Chain Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems
Borexino Solar Neutrino Detector
Ignition Front Dynamics  of a Parallel Flow Channel PEM Fuel Cell
Mechanisms of Failure of Thin Films
Microcin J25 Antimicrobial Peptide
Orientation Adopted by a Sphere-forming Block Copolymer Thin Film
Solubility and Molecular Conformations of n-Alkane Chains in Water
Solution-processed Organic Thin Film Transistors
Systematic Extraction of Dynamically Relevant Order Parameters
De Novo Design of an HIV-1 Gp 120 Inhibitor
In Silico Methods for Discovery in Proteomics and Genomics
Planning and Scheduling Under Uncertainty in Enterprise-wide Optimization
Shape Selective Separations
Structure Prediction in Protein Folding
Nanofabrication Through the Replication of a Block Copolymer Template
X-ray Scattering Patterns of Two Styrene-diene-styrene Triblock Copolymers
A Comparison of the Local Current Density in a PEM Fuel Cell
Concentration Visualization of a Viscoelastic Surfactant Solution in a Silicon and Glass Micromodel
Crystal Structures of Spherical Colloids
Drosophila Egg Surrounded by a Simple Columnar Epithelium
Rotational Trajectory of a Unit Vector on a Model Molecule
Top-view of a Thin-film Transistor
X-ray Diffraction Pattern from a Newly-synthesized Diblock Copolymer